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hello and welcome. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Welcome to TFK!

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algae problems usual are because of too much nutrients and lights.if you keep your lights on for long hours you might wan't to cut down the hours.2 x T8 6500k 40 watt bulbs is enough. yours is too bright a total of 216 watts when 80 watts of the correct tubes should be enough as theres nothing obstructing the plants. you might also want to clean the gravel or in your case sand once a week with a gravel cleaner to get rid of the debris left in the tank.

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Wow...I haven't checked in in a while. What a great warm welcome!!! :)

jclee - New pics will be posted, no worries. It's becoming a jungle in there :D

onefish2fish - That's a good point, Thank you! I've plugged the air pump into the same timer as the moonlights now to reduce the CO2 loss during the day. I've also plugged in a reptile heating pad into the timer for the daytime lights and put it under the DIY CO2 reactors to increase the output during the day.

dfbiggs - Thank you! The setup was planned this time around. Before the overhaul I had almost all the same things in there, but more or less randomly placed. As for the rosy crab, it dose like to climb up the air lines and power cords and sit out of the water every now and then, but doesn't really need to. Also, I'd be happy to email you all of my algae ;) lol

kitten penang - You're too right...I came to the same conclusions myself and have reset the timers so that 2 of the bulbs are on for 12 hours and the other 2 are on for 6 hours in the middle. As for the nutrients in the water column, I've been doing some thinking on how to cure this...lazyman style. I've decided to try an experiment using a plant filter system. The plan is to use an overflow box to drain water into a couple of open top plant boxes (i.e. rubbermaid bins) and let the water filter through a bed of course sand/gravel mix with a soil layer just above the water line and have a bunch of marshland plants eating up the excess nutrients. Then run the water back into the canister filter to be put back into the tank. If my thinking is correct this should help remove a great deal of the disolved waste as well. Fingers crossed...in about 2 weeks the setup will be completed and I'll see how it goes :)

And to everyone else, thank you for such a warm welcome and for the great comments on the tank!!! :)
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Reference Team
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welcome aboard..some good info here..see ya around...ADIOS...
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