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Nemo's Pets in Granite City, IL (suburb of St. Louis MO)

custom 7ft 125g softie/leather Reef
44g marine predator fowlr

100g outdoor pond/waterfall
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I actually haven't found any good LFS. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. I just use petsmart when I need stuff. Or online.

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I live in Montreal and there is a chain store called Nature. They are a chain store but there are really only 5 or 6 of them. They are all really nice, big and clean. They have many aisles of aquariums. They always have fish I have never seen and exotic plecos, etc. They have a whole row for discus, one for live-bearers, two for tetras, one for saltwater, two for cichlids, one for oddballs, and then like 5 others for misceallaneous fish and plants and goldfish. They have arrowanas and huge pacus. they have stingrays and other huge fish that I have never seen before. That is only the fish sectiion they have birds and lizards and amphibians and axolotls and dogs and cats and rodents etc. The people there are very knowledgable. I love this place. Here is the link :

29 gallon-
- 2.3.0 Kribensis
- 1.0.0 CAE
- 1.2.0 Swordtails
- 1.1.0 Dwarf Gourami
- 2.6.0 Black Phantom Tetra

10 gallon-
- 1.0.0 Beta
- 1.1.4 Peppered Cories
- 6.12.10 Guppies
- 1.3.0 Amano Shrimp
- 2.0.0 Zebra Snails
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Exotic Tropicals. Greg is a great dude.
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i cant find any great freshwater stores anywhere near where i live, the best one is this really smelly pet store in Silverdale WA, a 30min drive from me

The best saltwater store is Shark Reef in Silverdale also. it may be a long drive but they have everything. anything they dont have they cna get it, if you dont remember the name or just have a picture you can email it and get it and watch it for a week to see if its eating and healthy. but the best thing is that it is inside a plant nursery so my mom can take me almost every week XD. best place ever, if you live anywhere near silverdale send me a private message and ill send you thier website!

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I used to frequent Scales in Cloverly, MD but they closed their doors, sadly enough. My go-to LFS is now Tropical Fish World here in Gaithersburg. It's a pretty small store and the selection could be better (as could the prices) but they get interesting stuff in there sometimes and the fish are usually pretty healthy.

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