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Yesterday, I had 9 Fish. Today, 8.

I don't know what's going on but for a while now fishes have been going missing in my aquarium. currently I have two pearl gouramis, three cherry barbs, four harlequins, and 1 pleco. Yesterday I had five harelquins, And last week I had four cherry barbs. What is going on? This isn't the first time this has happened. Two weeks ago before, I added three harlequins, I already had three in the tank. After I added the three Harlequins, which would make six, I woke up the next morning and had five. I can go on and on. I'm looking at the Pleco as the culprit, but I didn't think Plecos ate other fish. I remember about three months back when another harlequin went missing. I found the lifeless body under the decor that the pleco hides under.

So do Plecos eat other fish? kuz I think this one is costing me money
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It's possible the pleco may just be scavenging the bodies after they die. My girlfriend has an 8 inch pleco that she swears up and down eats other fish, but I've never seen it. I know they are supposed to be primarily vegetarians but mine in my tank will eat anything and everything it can get ahold of, including brine shrimp and bloodworms, so I suppose it's possible. I've seen a video of a pleco fighting off piranha from a dead feeder fish on youtube so who knows.
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I agree with Herky, plecs will eat anything they can get their mouths on but I doubt the pleco is the one responsible for the actual killings. You mention that you added three Harlequins and the next day one went missing. Perhaps you happened to purchase one that wasn't in the best of health?? Just curious, what are the water parameters in your tank?

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if the problem was that they were dying, i would check the parameters. The fish are disappearing. One by one. I will check the parameters though, but I don't think that is the problem. The parameters wont explain why the fish are disappearing.
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water parameters could explain the death of your fish, which leads to the pleco eating the bodies before you can find them. A parameter check would tell alot.
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something as small as rasboras and cherry barbs, if they die from some mysterious reason, will get eaten by other tankmates.........I agree, with the others, i dont think your pleco would have killed the other fish, but if it found them dead, im sure it would eat the carcasses........Dont take long for something as small as those fish to be eaten........If your water parameters are a little off, it could explain your fishes dying and then being eaten before you notice.......Just a thought
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