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On second thought, I think I'll keep them both and when they get bigger, I'll just upgrade to a 120 g.

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Originally Posted by chrisb007 View Post
On second thought, I think I'll keep them both and when they get bigger, I'll just upgrade to a 120 g.

Please rethink about re-homing them. It really is the for the best. They might be small now, but they grow up to be tank busters...provided they grow up. You might plan to have that 120, but life has a tendency to delay even the best plans. Even assuming you do get the big tank, how do you know you got it in time to prevent stunting since you're going to use the size of your fish as the basis? When these guys get bigger, they get territorial with each other. It's very possible you eventually end up with one dead loser and a stunted winner (not sure if that actually counts as a win). Try to re-home them and when you get that big tank buy another. They somewhat sadly (for reasons like your situation) aren't that hard to find.
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Originally Posted by Reece View Post
If it's a Bristlenose Pleco you'll be fine, I've had mine for a year now and it quickly went from 2" to 3" in 3-4 months and since then it's stayed at 3".
Have you noticed any plant damage from the Bristlenose Pleco? What kind of plants do you have?
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My friend who is a rare aquatic plant seller keeps bnp in his plant tanks. they dont do any damage....

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quick question... What kind of Africans are in there. And how long have you had this tank running with this mix?
Even before you answer I will say I'm a bit concerned that each and every one of those fish have different KH and PH needs.. some drastically different.
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Originally Posted by flight50 View Post
I don't mean to sound harsh but if the store doesn't take them back, its your own fault. A common mistake people make is not doing the proper research on a fish before making the purchase. Same for plants. Know what your getting before you get it. Most chain fish stores in my opinion do not have very knowledgeable fish keepers. They will tell you anything due to the fact that they don't know any better themselves. This is not always the case but more times than not it is. Don't always rely on a store making your decision. Do the homework and/or jump aboard a forum such as this and get advice/suggestions from experienced keepers and not one that is just there for a paycheck.
So true I have spent over $200 on plants that were sold as aquatic but turned out to be semi aquatic and lost all plants got them at a pet store and they said aquatic plants. Same place I once got a corn snake and they told me to feed it crickets. Pet store employees really don't know much.

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agent, they've been together for about a year and a half so far. They all get along great and everybody seems very healthy and active. No fighting. I'm re-thinking about taking the plecos down to that fish store I told you about - it's probably the better choice. I'm going to ask their advice on what to do first and see what they say.
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The africans are malawis and my research showed that all of them do fine around 7 Ph which is right where my water is - I check it weekly.
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