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would like to add to tank

adventually i would like to add more fish to my 50g tank. there are 6 lemon tetras, 6 black skirts, one paradise gourami 4 synadontis ( 2 will be finding new homes) and a GKF. Initally i wanted to add 2 angles but the fist attempt was not successfull. what other fish could i add?
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Well, there are many types of fish you could add. Besides Angels what else did you have in mind??

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out of curiosity why were the angels not successful? what exactly happened?
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i would like to put something colorful, active and that grows fairly large ( i reason to get a bigger tank) and not really common and different, i was thinking a needle nose gar but the tetras would be in danger and my bf picked the black skirts so i should keep them around for as long as possible. i was thinking of cichlids as well .
my angles lasted about a week and a half, they seemed to be doing okay but they weren't reallly eating and they hung out at the top alot near the end. i would like to keep them but i dont know.
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What about another type of peaceful cichlid, like keyholes?

Also, your paradise gourami lives in temperate climates, not tropical ones, so he's likely much too warm in your tropical tank. He would do better in an unheated tank.

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i was thinking that or rams. as for my gourami she's been in the tank for a year and is active and inquizitive. so why do pet stores sell gourami's in the tropical section with temps ranging form 72-80?
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Most gouramis are tropical, but the paradise gourami isn't. By "pet stores" do you mean Petsmart or something similar? They also say iridescent sharks only grow to six inches, so I wouldn't exactly trust those little information placards they have there. It's always best to do some independent research online or in reference books before making a purchase.

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petsmart i work their, true that they might not have all their facts straight just like pacus as well. even so why is she doing as well as she is then? she's healthy, active, colorful. could it be that they are possibly breeding them to be more tolerant? that if they are born into a tropical enviroment would they not adapt? for the most part i try to research that is why i am here to learn.
what about sharks could they go in my tank, i do like the silver tips but they seem to be mostly a bottom dweller and with my synadontis i don't think that it would mix. is there any other shark beside bala's and rainbow?
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Most sharks tend to stay on the bottom besides Balas, which get to 16" long and need to be in small groups.
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