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Unfortunately that mix of tank inhabitants isn't going to work out in the long run. Even if you remove the frog, you may still face problems down the road:

1 raphael cat fish - These will eat smaller fish at night, such as your neons and your guppies.
1 angel fish - Will eat smaller fish like neons and possibly guppies.
1 betta fish - Could get aggressive towards anything flashy but especially toward the gouramis, as they are closely related and highly territorial. May also eat neons.
2 guppies - Generally good tank residents but may get attacked or eaten by your other fish.
2 neon tetras - Yummy snacks for larger fish/frogs.
1 albino clawed frog - These get large (baseball sized) and are highly predatory. They use their claws to grasp onto fish and then eat them. It really shouldn't be housed with fish at all as it can damage even fairly large fish.
1 flame dwarf gourami - Might get in fights with the other gourami and possibly the angel and definitely the betta.
1 neon blue dwarf gourami - See above.

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thanks everyone for your input
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WOW WEE ! I had... angles that ate guppies like dessert, gouramis always are always suspect at shredding bettes tails, did you say scratch and "clawed frog" , i don't think catfish hurt other fish do they? but they are noctournal. good luck with this mystery.
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