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My dream tank is a giant 100,000 gallon tank with a 10-foot-long dojo that can give you underwater rides on it's back.

One 29 Gallon - Lots of Fish
One 10 Gallon - One White Crayfish
One 15 Gallon - Baby Bullfrogs

Videos of My Tanks
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Originally Posted by MXS View Post
My dream tank is a giant 100,000 gallon tank with a 10-foot-long dojo that can give you underwater rides on it's back.
Now THAT would just be an epic win
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My dream tank would be like a huge tank that was an entire wall in my house! It would be a huge reef tank with every tang imaginable!
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20 gallon with wet/dry sump overflow with "too many" fish, so I'll list the crunchy guys...

4 clams
2 ghost shrimp
1 snail

Todo: get a 50 gallon before my fish get too big!

My real dream is a saltwater aquarium room! Use a small bedroom of a house, make a circular tank to go around the whole room. The terrain would gradually change from one end to the next. Maybe coral on the left, more of a beach on the right.
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Oh, my absolute dream would be to have so many fish! Platys, Endlers, Barbs, Mollies, Guppies, Gourami, Siamese Fighting Fish, Badids, Angelfish, Rams, Sharks, Rasboras, Bettas, some Danios. Probably Tetras, too. What can I say? I love color.

Right now I have small tanks due to lack of space and money. But hopefully, one day!

Contacted a fish rescue (Aqua Seal of Texas) and they offered to take and rehome all my fish! PM me if you'd still like one of mine and are willing to pay shipping. Just note that Mon Fishie and Neon are old (~8 years).
Fishy names: Common Pleco (9in)- Mon Fishie; Albino Black Skirt 'Fruit' Tetra (1.75in)- Neon; Black Skirts (1.5in)- Lady, Empress; Serpae Tetras (2x1.5in, 1x1in)- Trick, Or, Treat; Golden Barbs (1in)- Electric, Zapdos.
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5.5g Male Betta
10g Pea Puffers
20g Harlequins, Neons, Platies, Guppies, Cories, Nerite Snails
55g Silver Dollars, Pearl Gourami, Hillstream Loach, Mollies, Serpae Tetras, African Dwarf Frog, Leopard Bush Fish, Bleeding Heart Tetras, Chocolate Talking Cats, Banjo Cats
55g Red, Blue, Boesemani Rainbows, Zebra Dainos, Zebra Loaches, Platies, Moonlight Gourami, Bristlenose Pleco
35g Red Tailed Shark, Amazon Puffers
220g Black Skirt, Lemon Tetras and Bala Sharks

The 220 is being stocked and planted as my "dream" aquarium, as per my thread "On my way to getting my dream aquarium..."

...however my real dream, if I had unlimited space and resources, would be a salt water (don't tell anybody) shark tank! But my wife would have to do the tank cleanings.

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Red face Experiment, unintended, but experiment tank

29 gal. Instant Aquarium substrate, don't remember the names of the colors but dark and light mixed up. Some Laterite which I accidently over dumped in half of the tank, un rinsed. I must apologize for mixing my experience with the description of my tank. 2 Sunset platys, 2 Mickey Mouse platys and 1 Red minor (serpa) tetra. Anubia nana, Anubia congensis, Water Wisteria, Swords, Vals and crypts. 2 Volcanic rocks, ceramic smooth bark stump, driftwood. Dual T5HO lights, glass canopy.
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Thumbs up Experimental, unintended, but experimental

29 gal
4 platys
1 red minor(serape) tetra
volcanic rocks
gravel multicolor
Dual T5HO lights
Plants (Varied)
glass canopy
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sorry about double post

Forum inexperience
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