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i think the ADF would eat them and since they are a buck or two a shrimp- that'd be an expensive dinner . . maybe throw a ghost shrimp (feeder shrimp that cost pennies) in there for a week or so and see how he reacts to that. . if it turns up missing.. you'd know to def. not go with cherries.. im willing to bet he'd eat any kind of shrimp
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Yeah...he'll eat em.

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Might I recommend a couple of sparkling gouramis?

I just put a pair in my 5.5 gallon with my otocinclus catfish. Had to move my betta out 'cause he recently decided he was too cool for company and was picking on the oto. Anyway, they're fascinating fish. Really inquisitive, exploring every plant, cave, and dip in the gravel with gusto. They don't get larger than 5 cm, so they're good for a small tank. And they're adorable, haha.

I don't know much about ADF's, but sparkling gouramis are pretty peaceful. They don't bother my oto at all, and I doubt they'd give your frog any trouble.
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I just got back from the fish store with my sister and three new snakeskin guppies. There was a little confusion in the end (she just couldn't decide which guppies she wanted...), and I accidently ended up with 2 males and a pregnant female. We'll see how it goes having two males with only one girl, abd I'll have to trade one of them in for another female if they chase her too much.

I've actually kept sparkling gouramis before, and I thought they were awesome fish. However, there was a mix up, and one of my female bettas got to her... :( It was mighty tempting to pick some up for the 5.5 gallon when I found a new batch at the fish store tonight, but my sister wasn't too into them, and that tank is supposed to be for "her fish" afterall. I still get to do all the water changes and feeding though... lol.
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yea i would definitely trade one of the males in for another female. if you keep the 2 males they will chase the female constantly and make her sick.

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