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Question What fish to add in newer 21 gallon tank

I have a 21 Gal (80 liter) tank. I got it as a gift from my daughter. I have had it for about 2 months. Right now I have 3 Serpae tetras, 3 Phantom Tetras and 3 Red Eye tetras. Person at fish store said they are good starters and would help cycle tank. I think my water is pretty good now. I added one rubber lip pleco as I am starting to have algae growth and two cory catfish to help cleanup bottom. I was told this pleco would not get too big. I also have a floating plant of some type that is growing pretty good. I would like to add more fish and would like suggestions. Should I add 2 or 3 of each of the tetras as I read that they are best in groups of at least 6? Could I find another species to add like a few sword tails or mollies instead? I don't want to overcrwod the tank so I am concerned about fish numbers. Should I add another algae eater but not a pleco as the pleco doesn't seem to be keeping up with the algae? I really like the look of neons, could I get 6 of them without overcrowding or aggression by the others? I like angel fish but I read that they wouldn't be the best thing for my tank. There are so many beautiful fish I'm not sure what to add. Any suggestion would help but I think the size of my tank might be the biggest decision maker.
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I have a 29 gal tank and i only have 2 mollies, 3 platy, 1 sword tail, 1 dwarf gourami and 1 hi fin tetra. i think i can add some more fish, hoever at one point i had 12 fish in this tank and there was a lot of fighting, i think some of it was due to my mix, my male mollies were kiling each other. from what i know it seams that you have a lot of fish in there. you could set up another tank =). your algee problem is not going away is your tank getting direct sunlight??
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