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well if cics and lobsters cant get along i think he wanted to stick with the community tank right?
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lobster would make a meal of everyfish it catches.


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After watching some videos on youtube starring Lake Malawi cichlid. I think i want to go that route. as my tank stands from the pics, what would I have to change? is that gravel to big? should I use sand? Should I buy rocks or find some and clean them? how many Malawi cichlid could fit in a 55gallon? should I put them in at the same to so they get use to each other and get there territories? what ones do you recomend putting together? am i asking to many noob questions lol? god i hate noobs.

Oh one last question. if i change the lanscape of my tank mid cycle would i have to start the cycle over? should I wait till its stable? ok thats it i swear.
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personally id rather do south american cichlids for any number of reasons, but im biased :D Id even consider a pair of severums, fire mouths (oooh i do like firemouths), maybe even keyholes or festivums.... as a center piece pair.

Plenty of room for them to be active and still allow a community setting by adding perhaps some barbs, cory cats or small loaches, maybe a RTBS....

BUT... ive never had an experience with africans. maybe one of these days....

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i would add at least a little rock or more caves. how many you can fit depends on the types you get.
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You could build a hell of a tank around a Mexican theme. Get one male and 3 female Swordtails or 3 male and 7 female platies (that'll be nearly as colorful as a malawi tank right there) then add a half dozen Juvi Firemouths and let them pair off. Get one or two pairs and take the rest back to the store.

Go with a pair of Rubber Lipped/Bulldog plecos.

The Firemouths should keep the livebearer fry to a minimum. Course you'll have Firemouth fry to deal with then...

Now, you may ask yourself, self, Why is he saying so many platies? I would answer that I read in TFH that they are best kept in larger groups, 10 or more to a tank.

If you went with the swordtails, you might (and someone else should check me on this) be able to go with 3 or 4 so Bosemani, Turquoise, or red Irian, or 6 or 8 Praecox or McCullochi Rainbows.

I'd try to hit neutral to slightly basic PH, with medium hardness to make everybody happy.

I'm a natural tank guy, and I still think that's a great layout you have there.

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i like tophats idea! i would go with swordtails myself.
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