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I'm more looking for colors, thats what drew me to the rainbow fish and the neons. I love the look of the Red platies, and the red sword tails. those with a mix of the Blue or flame gouramis i think looks good, any nice bright blue fish out there? or maybe yellow?
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really nice tank you have there :)
where did you get the plant in the middle of the tank from ?
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Color? You could always change the whole scheme and get African cichlids. There is a ton of color in that family of fish.
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I second the African Cic idea.

If you dont want to do that, some yellow fish can be Zebra Danios. They are actually a goldish/silverish color, but they are very fun to watch in a group of 5 or more. They are hardy, and are the spazzes of the fish world (crazy fish swim everywhere).
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i think the african cic idea is good too. but incase you dont want to change everything and have to research all over again.... a few colorful community fish are....

guppies, kuhli loaches, celebes rainbowfish, threadfin rainbowfish, danios, cherry barbs, rummynose tetras, hachet fish, cardinal tetras, black neon tetras, harlequin rasboras, clown rasboras, and there are cichlids that would get along in a community tank like checkerboard cichlids, lemon cichlids, and dwarf cichlids.

do you want to stick with the community tank or go with the african cichlid idea?
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I like the idea of cichlids! While I love my community tank, I do wish I had more intelligent fish sometimes. If you look in the cichlid forum for a topic called "cichlids are awesome" (or something like that), you'll find some great stories. One person had a cichlid that would spit gravel at the glass every time he walked by for attention! There are some very intelligent fish who will get to know you personally and will eat right out of your hand!

If you decide to go for the standard community, I'd recommend getting more rainbows, they do better in larger groups. I've got 12 threadfin rainbows, who I LOVE. They stick together about 95% of the time.
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yea i'm not sure if i want to go the Cichlid way yet. my tank is almost done being setup for a community, ide have to change a lot, its probably worth it for the color and the personalitly of the fish but i've been reading up on community fish and i'de have to read up a lot on Cichlid to see what i could put in there. maybe if i could put the blue lobster in with the Cichlid it might change my mind and i'll have to find some rocks. is it possible for Cichlids and a blue lobster to get along?
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Cichlid would eat the lobster.

Another easy way to go with Cichlids is 1/Pair of something like Jack Dempsey's/Green Terror's. I have seen elctric blue green terror's at my lfs and they are sweet looking. ntm alot of personality from those fish. (not many if any tank mates though)


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I was kind of talking about Rift Lake cichlids. More color, more personality. Usually better prices, especially with the common ones.
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i realize this... i was talking if he wanted cichlid personality and not have 100 lbs of rock.


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