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What do you think of this combination??

Hi, I'm fairly new at this aquarium hobby, I had a 20 gallon years ago that my father mostly took care of. Now I have my own 55 gallon tank for my apartment and want to start a easy, community tank. I began my fishless cycle about 2 weeks ago but didn't get to add any bacteria untill a week ago. I added a pack of Bio-Spira and now I'm see traces of Nitrites which is a good sign. I have 2 Aqua Clear 300s(but i guess there called Aquaclear 70's now) for my filters. Seeing that my tank is starting to Cycle i've been trying to find the right fish, I want a good amout of color and everyone to get along but not be boring.

Let me know what you think about this combo, feel free to tell me its all wrong.

1 Blue Gourami
1 Flame Dwarf Gourami
1 Black Veil Angel
2 Corys (not sure what kind)
1 Pleco (again not sure what kind)
2 clown Killifish
1 Praecox Rainbow Fish
6 Neon Tetra
6 Red Platy
And i would Like to get a Blue Lobster\Crayfish if it won't bother my Pleco.

So that looks like 21 fish and 1 Invert. In a 55 gallon tank, Is that to much?

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Well, to start off, I love your tank. :)

Ok, now to the fish.
-Cories should be in groups of 6 or more for best results.
-You would need a smaller pleco, such as a Clown Pleco or Bristlenose Pleco, as many way too big for a 55 gallno tank.
-The Angel will eventually see your Neon Tetras as a snack. It will eat anything that size or smaller.
-Rainbowfish should be in groups of at least 3, if not more.
-The platies will get bigger than you think (3-4", sometimes more). I have 3 Red wags ranging from 2.5-3.5", and they eat and poop a lot. The platies will also have babies at least once a month if a male is present. Even if you dont see them, you have to account for the waste the babies produce.
-The lobster/crayfish is beautiful, but not good for a commmunity tank at all. It will ambush your fish when it gets the chance, and eat them. Not a good idea.
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thanks for the compliment, what should I do to resolve those issues without over crowding the tank, maybe no angelfish and get a few more rainbows? would i be able to add 4 more corys? which ones should I get first?
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I think I would do this:

-1 Gourami (you pick what type)
-6 Cories
-1 Clown/Bristlenose Pleco (there are more smaller types on the market, but these are popular).
-3/4 Rainbows
-8 Neon Tetras
-At least 4 Killifish. 6 is better. You should get more plants in yoru tank if you plan on doing that, though.

You may be able to fit 3/4 platies if you are good with your water maintencence schedule.
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Killies can be very territorial, Cody. Unless you research them fiirst, take heed in what you buy. Males can get very aggressive with the females.

There are also annual killies. These fish are short lived. There are also some killies that get rather large and will make a meal of other fish in the tank. Just be careful and do your homework before buying any.
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Ooo.. I love your tank too! Where did you get that 'ruins' ornament? Any idea what company makes it?

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i like cody's list and would say that about 3 platies would be ok. and after what herefishie said about killfish i would be careful about getting them. if you dont want the killifish because of their agressiveness i would suggest rummynose tetras or cherry barbs in their place.

oh and i think that you should get the cories first. this will help keep your tank floor clean as you add more fish :D
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Originally Posted by Ashkat
Ooo.. I love your tank too! Where did you get that 'ruins' ornament? Any idea what company makes it?

Thanks, I actually found it at a local Petco store. Edit: found the link http://www.petco.com/product/10920/A...ollection.aspx

i saw that the killifish were not aggressive, but i'll take your advice. any other fish that would be compatible that i should look at ??
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there are tons of other compatible fish out there. are you looking for any certain size, color, or swimming level?
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