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Question What to do about injured Molly!!

My little Molly Angel has had her tail stuck under something and it has been ripped off. She swims around like there is nothing wrong and still is eating and things but I am not sure what to do for her. Should I buy antibiotics and give them to her now to prevent infection or should I let it go and see if she develops an infection and then treat it?

She is still in my community tank because I don't know what to do yet. None of the others are picking on her or anything she is her normal self minus her tail. So I am assuming that is a good sign. I have never had anything like this happen so I am not sure what type of antibiotic to use for her or if any at this point where she looks fine and her tail looks ok for being torn off somehow. It almost looks like something ate it off but nothing in the tank she is in has teeth so I am not sure if that is even a possibility.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course I will move her to a 10G nursing tank if it is suggested to treat her she will not stay in the main tank. She is just doing ok so I didn't want to stress her out by moving her until I found out what to do with her. I am attaching pictures so you can see what it looks like to see if it looks infected or not and if I should treat to prevent or wait as well. Thank you for reading this and giving me any suggestions!!!

Also other fish in tank are platy's, guppies and other molly's but since she is being moved to the nursing tank to be treated I think that really doesn't matter but adding just in case. :)
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I can help with what I know & know with what I help!

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I'd rather be safe than sorry, I'd move her and treat her if the damage happened within the last day or two...
If its been a few days and there is no sign of infection then dont treat unless you want to give her some fin re-growth medicine.

this is just my opinion someone might have something more to add that knows a bit more than me about what they are doing though

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