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what can I do? He is sick.

I hope I am posting this to the right place this time.

I have a 30 gallon tank which houses a Moore, bubble eye goldfish, guppy, and Chinese algae eater. I know the guppy and algae eater do not belong here, but they have been together for a long time. All these fish have been together for about a year with no problems.

My problem is that my Moore is swimming in circles and laying on the bottom of the tank. He is also upside down most of the time and he is curved. He was fine this morning and we just noticed it today. What could this be and will it affect my other fish?

My tank is 30 gal with 60 gal filter. I have artificial plants and a piece of driftwood attached to a rock. I have regular aquarium rocks and also a bubble curtain. There is no heater and never has been. I just added stress coat and I did a water change a few weeks ago.

Please help me I have never had a fish do this before. I do not want him to die and I do not want him to suffer either. Please let me know if my other will get this also.

The only test kit I have is for amonia, and my tube was broken when I went to test the water today. How much water do I use for that test?



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Opinions vary but I will share what I would do. Today I would take out five gallons of water from the aquarium and replace it with clean water that has been treated with Dechlorinator such as PRIME or AMQUEL+. I would change another five gal of water out tommorow. I would then change the water (5gal.) every week from now on. I would cut back on food to once a day until I got a test kit such as API freshwater master kit which is what most use to test the water. Ammonia, and nitrites should be zero and nitrates should be under 40 and under20 would be much better for your fish.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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If it is swimbladder, how do I treat it? M guppy's belly is bloated, so I think that is what it is. I just finished another water change (monday morning) and added my chemicals. I also fed just enough for my goldy to eat, I don't think the other 2 will eat in their condition. especially if it is swimbladder. Moore has not ate since Sat. as far as i know.
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IMO, before you act, you should reason. Figure out what may have caused the problems before the remedy. Check pH. i found that in well established tank, you should not register neither Ammonia nor nitrite. But in case where pH have gone down to a point where nitrifying bacteria die off, you can register Ammonia and Nitrite. At this point, rather than raising pH, lowering Ammo and Nitrite with water change is more important. With such water changes, you are gradually raiaing pH and lowering Ammo and nitrite Concentration. With time, your tank will restablish biological activities. I had numerous experience with Fish TB due to exposing fish to low pH for long time. I hope this is not the problem that you are experiencing. Another thing is that Driftwood tend to lower pH due to tannic acid and humic acid. not a good item for Goldfish tank. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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I am doing the water changes, I used to do them every week but have recently slacked off. I have done one 50% on Monday and I will do another today. Probably not 50% though.

How do I tell if this driftwood is actually real driftwood? It was bought from a fish store and like I said itis attached to a rock.

If it was TB wouldn't my other fish be showing signs? If it is swim bladder how long will it take to get over it?
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I have posted some pics to my profile. I don't know if they will help or not, but they are there.

Please take a look and let me know if you see anything wrong.

My black moore and the guppy are the sick ones. My bubbleeye is not showing any signs of anything
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I saw the pics. very difficult to see. From my experiences ( Over 25 years and former aquarium retailer), I strongly believe most diseases are stress related. First, it seem you only have one filtration. Always have back up filter running at the same time, in case one breaks down, other will keep the tank going, especially when you are away. Always clean/change filter media st different time. Secondly, it looks like you have Emperor400 breaking the surface of the water. If fish have difficulty with balance, why make it more difficult for the fish. Why not fill it up to top so that returning water will cause gentle agitation on surface for gas exhachange without much current in the tank. Since your tank is way understocked, you don't have to worry about defficientcy of Oxygen.
As far as Guppy, very hard to tell.
By the book, Goldfish and Guppies do prefer higher pH although their temp reqirements differ.However i have exposed both to acidic water and thrive once they adjust. I have seen more damages done by causing extreme changes by adding chemical as most lfs would advise. If you can tell me the condition of (pH, NH3, NO2) of both your tank water before the water changes and tap water, I may be able to understand the situation better. Never jump to conclusion which usually lead to drastic changes and most of times do cause more harm to our pet. Reply with result of the test.
Reminder: Never raise pH when pH is very low. Make sure NH3, NO2 are not present before raising pH.
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Thank you, I will raise my water level today. I have a very hard time keeping the level up because of my cats. They have fresh water constantly, but I guess they love drinking the fish water. When we upgraded to this tank the back was completely covered but they just drink out of the flowing water now. Anyway, I will keep an eye on it and keep it high.

I will have to buy a new kit to test the water. We will be going to town tonight, I am having a hard time finding a kit in the town I shop at. I did find some strips at walmart, I guess I will have to buy those. I do not like the strips because I do not feel they are as accurate.

As far as my fish goes, today he seems to be doing better. He is not laying on the bottom. He tries to swim VERY slow and does not spin around. When he tries to pick up speed he does start to spin again though. I have not noticed him at the top though. I did feed him peas yesterday, I do not know if that is what helped or not.
I also do not know if he is better or if he is just adjusting to his condition.

I will get those results ASAP. thanks for your continued help

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Glad to hear that Moor is doing better. As far as Test Kit goes, you should be able to purchase Aquarium Pharmaceutical Liquid Test Kits which are the cheapest.
Another thing about your so called Drfitwood, it may not be true driftwood since it is held down by slate. True driftwood actually sinks all by itself. Look at the bottom of the slate, you might find rusty screw. If so, clean off rust and applied thin coating of aquarium silicone to prevent further rusting. As far as i know, Metals are harmful to fish.
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