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What about this combination?

Hi guys!

I have a 20G(long) tank. It's been cycling for about 6-8 weeks now (I've been monitoring the levels and it has cycled and stayed constant). I currently have 3 zebra danios and 3 red-tail platies. I LOVE the danios- they are so hyperactive and pretty! I know they are considered a boring starter-fish, but they are too cool!

I'm wondering about having the following inhabitants in my tank.
3 platies
6 zebra danios
1 betta
4 panda cory cats

Will these fish be compatible? What else could be added to the tank?


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Danios might be a little too active for the betta and the paltys my nip at the flowing fins.
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Ahh... Right. Thanks. What other sort of 'centerpiece' fish would work? Gourami?

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I've had great success keeping platies with bettas. I personally think it would work, or at least be worth a try, but if you decide against a betta, a honey or dwarf gourami might be nice.
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gourami may be the same deal as the betta with the nipping of the fins and wat not. fo a centerpeice i would go with a some kinda of dwarf rainbow (school of course). 4 or 5 dwarf neon rainbows would be awesome. there almost as active as danios as well

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