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Thanks, I guess that's all one can do. right?

Who knows, if they get thisoften enough, maybe they will change thier ways?

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its stuff like this that makes me wish Walmart and PetCo and stuff would hire people for SPECIFIC jobs. Not to sound conceded or anything but im pretty sure they would have a lot less fish loss if i worked there. I would take proper care of the fish and make sure they are healthy. You go to the walmart here in the fish section and there is ich in the majority of the tanks and the tanks are bare and so many dead fish are in the tanks. if i wouldnt have to work in 8 different sections around the GIANT store id work there in the fish section alone but they suck and make you work like 8 different sections, and the people who run the fish section dont care about fish so they are never there. it makes me wonder if they even get fed!

i might go look around sometime this week. I want to see if we have a petco and i wanna look around. I think we have a PetSmart im not sure if that has fish or animals though. the other stores we have here in my city are pretty good. I havent been to AquaZoo in years so i cant say much about them, but Aj's Fins and Berry's Your Pet Choice are pretty good. ive actually got an application on my desk for berry's lol

i probably made a mistake by only reading a few posts before posting. if the issue is solved im really sorry for bringing it back up again D:
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My petsmart is actually really good I regularly see them doing maintenance on the tanks. Almost every time I go in they are either feeding the fish gravel vacuuming/doing water changes or removing sick or dead fish (which isnít often). Granted they only have a 25-foot fish wall so itís fairly small. Literally every time I go in though there is one employee that asks me how my fish are doing and iv regularly discussed fish with her and she knows allot. They only have one small tank of plants and donít get them in very often but I feel like if I asked they would get a specific species plant in for me. I also plan on working there when I turn 18 and have actually talked to this girl about it and it seems like its for sure ill get a job. She told me to look up and do research on fish and reptiles since ill be applying for pet care associate.

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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id love to do petcare *swoon* but all i could find around here is a sales associate [cashier] but hey i still get to look at the pretty fishies through my shift!!!

petsmart has animals?! how did i never notice. i should check it out ;D
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yeah at my petsmart they have fish,birds,lizards,not sure about mice or other rodents but im pretty sure other petsmart places have them. they dont have dogs but they do an adoption service through the local humane society and someone from the humane society comes in everyday and takes care of them.

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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i went to lowes to look for some play sand for my 55 gallon today after school and i saw a mouse running around

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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Originally Posted by SueK View Post
- Asheville, NC

Living in Iowa, it would be pretty hard for me to shop in NC. The store in question was in Sioux Falls, SD.

Too late now, but the wrong store is going to get chewed out (maybe).

Oh well..Petco still sucks.

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I live in a small town in nebraska... we do not have a petsmart, or a petco, or any other large chain. We have 2 small local stores and Walmart. My horror story comes from Wally world. I went in because I needed to replace a neon tetra. They didn't have any but I looked around anyway. (can't help myself) The goldfish tank was the worst. It had no less than 5 dozen dead fish. There were so many that at least a dozen were stuck to each filter. There were more dead fish than there were living. So I complained to someone working there, who let me know it was the day crews job to get rid of dead fish. I was so mad I went straight home and emailed Walmart. That was over a week ago now, and they haven't responded. I wish I could boycott the whole store. Being in a small town there aren't many options. The closest city larger than we are is 4 hours away.
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