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Welcoming Shipped Fish to the Family...

Well, my Uncle is a big fish enthusiast but recently he'd decided to take down his two fresh water tanks and seeing as I'm fish obsessed, he offered to send me his Cichlids along with a snail and a mini Pleco. Problem is, he lives in DC while I live in Washington state....out in the country^^; So, may dad comes home from work and what does he find? A leaking box that had seemingly been tossed over our fence. My immediate reaction was to get the fish out of there and into my practically empty 20 gallon. Unfortunately, the box seemed to….not be packed well. The fish were at the bottom and there was a bunch of rocks and a log in there too -_-;; I panicked of course and practically tore apart the box to get to the fish^^;;

In the end, only three were alive. It seemed the breeding Cichlid pair and the snail along with one of the babies didn’t make it :/. Currently I have two unknown Cichlids and a mini Pleco hanging out in my 20 gallon accompanied by three feeder gold fish. My guppies were there two, but they have been moved back to the community tank for the time being.

Now heres my question, as I said I have my new fish in there with my goldfish. No one seems to mind, but the Cichlids are obviously very stressed and though the goldfish are keeping to themselves…should I move them away? Also, what more can I do to help them settle in with as little stress as possible? I had a table lamp for simple lighting until I could go this weekend and her a top and lamp for the tank(the tank is fairly new, but all cycled and everything)but I turned that off and where they are in my room is pretty dark, is that okay? Or should I turn it back on?

Also another question I would have would be what kind of Cichlids they are, but currently I’d like to let them settle in before I turn the camera on them^^; I suppose I could just ask my Uncle when he calls back too…

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to look this over. And if this is in the wrong place, please let me know :/
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Well at least some of the fish made the journey.
Leaving the lights out is a good idea, it will help them relax.
I don't know what kind of cichlids you have, but I do not know of any that do well with goldfish.
Once the cichlids get settled in, they will more than likely torment the goldfish. I hope that you have another tank to move them to.
Good luck with the new fish!
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Ahh, thank you very much for responding!^^
Yes, I do have another place for the goldfish if the need arises but the plan originally was to introduce some of the Cichlids into my main tank, probably leaving the breeding pair in the 20 gallon, and the feeder goldfish would go into our pond outside along with the other goldfish we already have there. But, seeing as I’m left with only two Cichlids I’ll probably just move them over once they get a bit more comfortable. I have one Cichlid already, so I’m know they’re a bit aggressive ;3 And I doubted they’d do well in long term with goldfish. I was just wondering if I should move them now or if it would be okay to wait xD
The little Pleco, regardless, will stay in the 20 gallon though. I already have a very large Pleco in my main tank :3 But I’m not worried about him and the goldfish xD
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