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Question Water Treatments: Who's right- The fish store or the company?

I'm trying to set up my fish tank after starting over from my first experience with ich, and I went to my LFS and got the new 2 day-old water I had running in my tank tested to see how to adjust it before getting new fish.

Based on my results (I don't remember what they were), I was told to add Tetra brand Correct pH 7.0 and StartZyme tabs. When I added the tabs, the StartZyme dyed the water blue, and the pH correcter made it murky. It's been two days, and the water still hasn't cleared.

I called the 800 # on the packages, and the representative I spoke to told me neither of these products is proper for starting a new tank... She said the pH tabs were for "maintaining" the pH once it is at the desired level, not adjusting it, and that I should use "aqua safe" or "start right", not StartZyme. However, based on the package descriptions (I have an old bottle of start right), the StartRight and StartZyme seem to do the exact same thing.

I plan to take another water sample to the LFS tomorrow, but I just wanted to get some 3rd opinions before doing so. I'm pretty new to the whole water adjusting thing, and I'm wondering if I'm getting scammed due to my ignorance...
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Hi, and first of all to start a tank you will need a product to remove chlorine from your water, alot of people like prime.
second you will need to cycle your tank and for this you wil need patience and a test kit(preferably API liquid test kit)
for PH while cycling it does not really matter unless you got bellow 6.0 then the cycling takes way longer
for more information about fish-less cycle*the better one* follow this link :)
as for ich unless your fish is almost already dead it should live all you need to do is raise your temp to 86 f *30 Celsius*
for about a week or 2 in extreme cases of ich! :)
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Do not add any chemical to adjust your ph as this can be very bad for the fish by causeing stress. It is much better to get fish that will work with your ph. Also you should get your own liguid test kit like the API master kit which is what alot of us use here. If you can get us the Ph, hardness and size of your tank we can help you with fish that will be happy in your water. Also do not trust the LFS they give incorrect info on lots of stuff most of the time they just want to sell you more stuff that you do not need or fish that will not work in your tank. ; )

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