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Wanting to know about community tanks

I'm wanting to start a community tank in my 180 gallon tank. Until now I have had only cichlids and I'm ready for a change. The problem is i still have 2 upside down catfish left and they are pretty big 5-6inches. If I decide to put smaller fish in the tank with these guys will they eat my fish?
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Should be OK.

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Hi and Welcome to the forum!

180G leaves you with alot of options!! I'm still working on my fiance to get a tank that big. I'm not entirerly familiar with that breed of catfish, but I would think if you get some top-dwellers that the catfish would leave them alone for the most part. Do you have any idea of what else you're looking to put in there? Look at your filtration too, that can also factor into how many fish you can hold

Maybe take a trip to you LFS and write down some fish you like and the people on here can tell you about their characteristics and compatibility. but if you've kept cichlids for a while maybe you already know that stuff though!

Good luck and again welcome!
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Okay so I shouldn't be worried about putting Mollies or Danios in with these big eating machines? They love flake food and shrimp pellets :)
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No, they're not one of the predatory catfishes. They swim upside down to make it easier to graze on the bottom of leaves and logs. They shouldn't give you any trouble.

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If they're Synodotis nigriventis, the standard Upsidedown cat, then the very first thing you could do to make them happier would be to get another 2 to 5 of them. They love to school.

180 gallon tank.... I just pointed a friend at one on CL, which maybe she gets and maybe she doesn't, so I have been thinking about this today. I tell you what, a school of 30 or so Diamond tetras would look awesome. A half dozen or a dozen Festivums would be super cool too (yeah, I know, they're cichlids, but they're the least cichilidy of cichlids except for Discus and Angels). Maybe a shoal of Denisoni barbs.

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