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Unexpected addition

Well I'm back after being off the comp for a couple of days, hope everyone else had a great New Years.

I took a look at the tank today and noticed a VERY tiny snail half way up! Of course it just so happened that one of the bigger angels saw it as well, and decided to swallow it... and then spit it back out
It landed on the gravel, but I haven't been able to locate the tiny tiny critter again.
I figured I brought it in with the last plant addition, I absolutely was not really expecting to get any this way...
One of my platys has ONE white spot on his tail... hope it's not what I think it is. He's the only one, and I've had the new plant since tues, so I'm kind of ruling out that I introduced "it" with the plant.
The bigger angel also keeps nipping on one of the smaller ones... a lot more than usual lately... And the big guy has some sort of spots on him, but not on the outside, I don't know if anyone saw it in the pic in my other thread.

Whew, good to be back!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back after your vacation there

I'd not worry abou the snail I actually find them extremely useful to help keep the tanks clean.

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It's possible the little guy didn't actually make it. Some fish (including cichlids like your angel) can do a pretty good job of sucking snails out of their shells, so it might have only been the shell that you saw the fish spit out.

Odds are if you've got the one hitchhiker snail, there are more where that came from (and possibly more than your angel can eat!).

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the angel must've done a good job, I haven't seen any since then, I was kind of hoping it would stick around hah :)
Is that the next mega mil #s in your sig ;)
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Could be, but then again, those numbers might also be cursed. Or spell the doom of all mankind. I wouldn't mess with them

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So is there anything wrong with having a few little snails? I got some java moss, and now there are 3-4 of them in addition to the one I put there on purpose 3 years (and a couple tanks) ago. I have noticed the tank is cleaner with them there, but I just want to make sure they're not going to cause problems?

About those numbers...I wouldn't use them to play the lottery :)
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This should answer your questions pertaining to pest snails:


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My fish are constantly sucking in my (numerous!) tiny snails then spitting them back out when they realise it has a shell but they never seem to get harmed, I see them fall down and start crawling away!
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i got some sort of moss prob java moss and now i have like 30-40 snails in my tank infact i put 3 in my beta tank and hopfully it wont engulf the tank


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