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two male gourami in 46g

The lfs seemed to have around 15 gourami in a 15g tank. I tried to sex them, but eventually gave up (maybe they were all males) and bought two. Since putting them in my 46g tank they chase each other a bunch and fin nip.

I am really hoping that they learn to tolerate each other better so that I do not have to return one. Would you think a heavily decorated 46 gallon tank is enough for two male gouramis to claim their own territory?

Also in the tank are:
5 tiger barbs
1 bichir
1 common pleco
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Well i think you answered your own question............If there is fin nipping and chasing its obviously not working...........They are very territorial.........I have a blue and a gold (both males) in a 90 and there are sometimes a chase but nothing to serious, but thats a 90 as compared to a 46.........You can try to decorate it heavily, but just be ready to seperate them if the aggression doesnt stop...........Try some floating plants, either fake or might make a difference, its worth a try
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What's really weird is that I had them both in a 5g quarantine tank for several days and they got along like BFFs
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When in cramped quarters they're ok, like in the pet store. Once they get into a large tank they know thier home and are picking thier rooms, so to speak.Give it some time this is necessary behavior that we can't alter, it's what they do ! If one is really awful you should exchange that one maybe a new one will accept the unoccupied side. Your tank is large enough alright. I have a 50g and 4 gouramis and 2sparkling gouramis. WOW 6 gouramis. I don't count them up often. I had to get rid of 1 in the past, to keep peace.
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