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Goldfish will no doubt munch on the plants being largely vegetarian.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Ok I didn't log in yesterday cause I was SETTING UP the tank!!!!! I went with a layer of laterite then a put the aquarium gravel on top of that. So now the tank is cycling. Soaked the driftwood for a couple of days, thought it was done leaking but this morning I got up this morning and my tank is kinda tea colored which I had read could happen. So grrr!! The nitrate and nitrates are at zero but my ph is high so I got to get that lowered. Fixing to put up pics of the tank!! Any advice on the the pH? Oh and It's gonna be a community tank with plants that like low to medium lighting. I was thinking Java fern, hornwart, and anubias. What do you think?

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Question pH level too high?

I started cycling my freshwater tank yesterday. The pH level is too high. What is a natural why if any to bring it down? Also I had a driftwood soaking and rinsing for a couple of days and water appeared to be clear it still turned my tank the color of very weak tea. I had read that this would happen but thought I was safe. Question is will this clear up or will I have to do major water changes to clear it up?

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just wondering, are or putting the goldfish, or the betta, or neither in this tank?


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What do you plan on putting in the tank? The blackwater that you're seeing from the driftwood is caused by tannins in the wood. It's actually pretty close to the color of water you'd see in tropical rivers like the Amazon. Good for soft water fish like tetras, discus, etc. I think it looks nice, but that's just my opinion. If you want to get rid of it, do water changes and/or run activated carbon in your filter to remove the coloration. This color also has a water softening/pH-lowering effect in your tank, though, so it may be wise to leave it as-is.

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Veganchick...the goldfish are in their own tank by themselves. The betta's are also in their own tank by themselves. This tank will be a community tank with guppies, mollies, platy's and like fish. I know I made that kinda confusing in the begining. LOL....

iamntbatman...I want to have live plants at some point and like i was telling Veganchick it's gonna be a community tank. I like the look first I was like OMG...but It seems to just kinda look more natural to me now..It's staying..

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Question? How do you edit the pictures in the tank tab under your avatar in a post?

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