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Pictures of the Endlers I have

Here are some pictures of some endlers I have now. They are Ender Hybrids. 1/2 guppy/ 1/2 endler to get these nice colors and they are smaller in size they guppies.
I have the following:

Blue Tiger endlers, I have 1 male and I'm waiting on a female or two to be shipped to me (pic. is from a friend that shipped me some blue tiger endlers)
Red Scarlet/neon pink endlers
Metalic blue endler's that I will be working on now.
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File Type: jpg Blue Tiger endler 2.jpg (103.8 KB, 40 views)
File Type: jpg Blue Tiger endler.jpg (24.6 KB, 40 views)
File Type: jpg Frank's endler Red endlers Blue endlers 2-24-11 001.jpg (104.8 KB, 40 views)
File Type: jpg Neon pink Red Scarlet endler.jpg (118.6 KB, 40 views)
File Type: jpg Blue Metalic endlers 3-24-11 Frank's 004.jpg (118.1 KB, 40 views)
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Woot Woot! I just got rid of a few more Guppies. I traded the fish store for 5 Angel fish and a hand full of Assassin snails. He said my Guppies sell very very quickly so, he will take more when they get large enough. I told him if the angles don't do all of them in, I will have about another dozen in 2 weeks. He sells them for $3.95 each so it works out well for me, I don't have to worry about the sell and I get what I want. The Angels are between $7.50 and $24.00 each and the Assassins are $4.99 each. I did well and am happy with the trade.

I got one Koi, One Marble, One black and 2 Platinum Blushing Angles. They are quite lovely. :)
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You will like those platnium angles. When they get older the top of their head is a nice bright yellow color which is really pretty and who can resist those cute blushing cheeks on both sides of their face.
You got a steal and those assassin snails will rid of of any problem pest snails I have about 7 of them and they have laid egg pods that hatched. I gave away 13 to a friend that had a ramshorn problem in her ttank and kept only 2 and now I have 7 but they do not breed without a male and reproduce very slowly over the year. A place near me sells them for 6 for $12.
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Endler/Guppy crosses are very pretty fish, yet sadly when you crossbreed them their lifespans are greatly shortened.

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Originally Posted by LasColinasCichlids View Post
Endler/Guppy crosses are very pretty fish, yet sadly when you crossbreed them their lifespans are greatly shortened.
and they are already shortlived fish.

eileen I have some Assassins already and I do have at least one baby but I thought I would grab a few more for my other tanks. I have several people that want Assassins if they do reproduce at all. I do like the Blushing Angels they are so very elegant. I also am inn lovve with my Marble Angel as it is such a classy looking fish. I know that there markings can change but right now this fish is stunning. I can't wait to see if I get a breeding pair out of this. If I do, the Angels will be very very easy for me to sell.
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I love angelfishes but decided not to have them anymore because of health problems from the pet store where I got them. 1 had hole in the head and died and the others I got died suddenly after a few months after getting them.

I'm not sure about the shorten lifespan of endlers. With them reproducing so fast I will always have a nice group of them in my tanks regardless of their short lifespan. I love them because they are smaller in size then the fancy guppies and i can keep more of them then guppies. Endlers also do very well in an outside pond. I had a unfiltered tub pond last year and they reproduced faster in that pond then in my inside tanks and did well in late spring and summer til I took the pond down in late fall/winter. I had water hyacinth and a dwarf pyrus plant in a plastic 16 gal. pot I got at Walmart for under $20. You can look in the section on Ponds here because there is a thread on unfiltered tubponds.
Here's a picture of mine from last year:
Attached Images
File Type: jpg tub pond more pics 006.jpg (103.5 KB, 34 views)
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I've never heard about cross breeding endlers and guppies resulting in short lived fish either. They are two different species, usually hybrids show "hybrid vigor" more often the any sort of repression from hybridizing...

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Originally Posted by Mikaila31 View Post
Yes but one or two fry is a lot different then a tank full of fry. My rainbow fish are probably the most efficient. I doubt fry even see them coming they are so fast.

For liverbearers wild type swords might be a fun thing to try. Swordtails are not quite as prolific as guppies. They grow slower too.
To the first comment: yes, of course one or two fry is different than a tank full of fry. One betta would definitely not enough of the fry to make a difference before the babies got too big for them to eat. However, healthy bettas are absolutely fast enough to catch the fry, unless the fry can get to a place in the tank that is too small for the betta to follow.

Platys might be another good choice - lots of different colors and markings, and like swordtails, they are less prolific than guppies and grow slower than gupppies. However, less prolific is relative - they can still have 20 to 40 fry every 30 days or so, and the fry hide better, making it more likely that some will grow up in the tank with the adults if there are enough hiding places.

Also, platys and swordtails can crossbreed - just an FYI.
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Well, I moved Junior and one Leopard to the 60 gallon tank. This will allow them peace and quiet while the Angels grow up a little in the smaller tank. Then I will swith them around again. Everyone seems quite happy now so... all is quiet in the fishland here.

I hate to rush things along but man are those blushing Angles gorgeous, I can't wait for them to get larger. I hope they stay healthy, they seem to be doing great right now.
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My Angels are doing well. They are growing so fast and I chose to move them into the 60 gallon tank so they have more room to swim. They do remain babysitters to the Guppy babies however. I had high hopes that they would cut down on the numbers of fry but I guess not. I am still enjoying them and I guess having so many healthy Guppy fry to trade will be nice. I won't ever have to pay for fish food because I can trade the babies of that or other fish.
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