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Too Many Fish????

Hi, I'm Matt. I'm only 15 so I don't know much about fish, but I was wondering if I had too many fish?
I have 3 6-Inch Pink Kissing Gouramis, two 3-inch Sun Catfish, one dwarf cori, 3 2-inch chinese algae eaters, 4 skirt tetras, 1 7-Inch african Knife fish, 1 small red gourami, 1 3-inch golden gourami, one 3-inch bala shark, 2 6-Inch Striped Angelfish, one platy, one molly. If not how many can i add?

Thanks, Matt
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hello and welcome

we can't really help you unless you say what size tank you have......also what kind of filter are you running?
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Sorry. It's a 75 gallon with a sump filter
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Sounds like a pretty full tank to me.
The sun catfish and bala still have a lot of growing to do. Thinking some of those smaller fish are going to start disappearing. The dwarf cory for sure.
How are the gouramis and angels getting along?
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Really good actually they the angels stick together and same with gouramis but they just mind there own business. The gouramis are really old so ive only seen them kiss once.
I heard that the balas grow really slow so i wasn't worried about him
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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. I agree that no more fish can be added and eventually you'll have to rehome and/or size up in order to accommodate your current inhabitants. You've got some fish that become very large (not to mention very aggressive) as they mature.

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Yea I have an extra isolation 10 gallon tank. I might put my molly, platy, and tetras in it.
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I figure I should be the one to say it... I think you need to do a little researching on individual fish. For example, chinese algae eaters are very territorial and only one can be housed practically in that size of a tank. It will kill or chase other fish that come near it as it grows. Balas and that cory are schoolers, and aren't happy being alone.

Sorry if that sounds too critical or anything, I'm really just trying to help. I would recommend modeling the tank after the sun catfish or knife fish, since they are the predators and whatever they do decides what the rest of your tank can do. Your tank seems like it needs some sort of "direction", since your fish list looks randomly stocked (ie, one platy/molly/cory, the CAEs, housing the little fish with big predators.. etc). Always stock your tank for the "long run". Good luck..
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Yeah most of the fish were in there when i got it, but i had 2 other balas cause they like groups of 3 but the other 2 died.
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