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Today's haul of fish

Well I fired up a few more tanks over the last few weeks and decided to go out and acquire some more fish. Today I picked up 5 bristlenose plecs, 3 ottos, and FINALLY a female praecox rainbowfish. So at the moment, spread among my 15+ tanks I have:

1 female discus
1 male german blue ram
2 female german blue rams
6 hatchetfish
1 black neon tetra
1 colombian tetra
5 neon tetras
5 orange von rio tetras
7 dwarf puffers (3 males, 4 females i believe)
3 otos
5 praecox rainbowfish (4 males, 1 female)
5 bristlenose plecs (3 male, 2 female)
50+ guppies
40+ ghost shrimp
unknown number of malaysian trumpet snail

Soon the fish will have more room in my house than me!
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Pictures Please!
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I'll work on that. Few of them are worth looking at...most are practically bare for growing out fry and the like.
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Today's Haul

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"Picked up"??? as in caught or bought?
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Originally Posted by GobbleDog
"Picked up"??? as in caught or bought?
Bought. There is no way you can catch wild fish without permit depending on the laws in your area.

None of the fish listed can even be caught in your local area without going to Brazil, etc.

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Personally I would get 2 or 3 more black neons, mine was alone for one day (cycling tank, others died) and he looked really bad until I got some more.

Also, do you go to Elmers to get your fish? Ill be near there (Pittsburgh) for college, and I would rather not go to Petco even though a friend works there.

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