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im pretty new here too, and i appreciate the time it takes for everyone to respond to any of my questions. also appreciate the support when ive done a good job.
i appreciate THIS forum. period.
my 2 cents

31 Betta Males
12 CrownTail
7 HalfMoon
5 DeltaTail
4 DoubleTail
3 Veil Tail

44 Betta Females
Round, Crown, Spade

65 gallon
55 gallon
35 gallon
2 - 20 gallon
4 - 10 gallon
16 - 1.5-2 gallon

MTS has struck, resistance is futile
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well that jumped up a notch didnt it? guess who isnt sending me a christmas card this year! lol
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When Cycling I was checking levels daily, then after cycle weekly, then after a while monthly, then never. It was wasting my money, I don't even own a water test kit any more, once the tank is up and safely running, proper water changes keep it there. The only time I check my water is if I setup a new tank, or have some thing bad happen.

So it sounds like I think you don't need to know about Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate, gh, kh, ph, co2, on and on and on with the chems and elements. That is not the truth, you do need to understand these things, for troubleshooting problems, and for caring for different tank setups.

As far as the your tank is to small, it depends on how its done. For example I wanted Bala sharks I research and found out how big they got. I started them in a 55 Gallon, people told me it was to small, I appreciated this, not because I didn't know that already, but because they didn't know if i did or didn't. I knew they need a bigger tank and was saving for the 220 I have now. However I would have felt like a bad person had I kept them in the 55 gallon not knowing what they really needed or how big they get. Let pet smart tell it I can keep 5 or 6 of these in a 55 gallon tank.

In regrades to the length of the answers, what good do short answer do, it they don't have enough information for the newbie to get the knowledge. What seems like over kill to someone who knows the hobby because they know all of it and it seems like trivial redundant information; may in fact only be just enough or not enough for the newbie. I am a computer tech and when I go to training I am like this is BS and boring, because its just repeat information to me, but the sales people in the same training leave still not understanding 100%

You know whats fun? having fish that are health and active because of proper care. With proper care and and knowledge it will take little work to keep happy fish.
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