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The third time maybe the charm!

The 3 gallon tank i was planning on getting ended up falling through
and then my friends have these huge tanks, and i asked if they had an extra i could buy off of them *thinking 10-15 gallons* so we get over there to load it up, the thing is a freaking 55 gallon! i have NO room for that!
so after that i put a "wanted" listing on craigslist, not really expecting to get replies, after all, its a fish tank.
And i got 2 this morning! one is for a 5 gallon Eclipes Corner tank. with a filter and light. Its $20 and i can get it tomorrow. and then i will exchange my broken tank for a new one, and yay! hopefully all will be well...
Now i have to figure how to cycle this dang thing for D. Puffers!

the other one is a 10 gallon, fully loaded, but she wants 50 for it, and i don't have that much atm... lol also wanted $20 for a 1/2 gallon unfliltered
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oh, and i got very excited when i got a PH tester and my tap water is 7.0 and the water that my bettas have been in for a week *did it right before a water change* was right around 7.2 yay! but i hadn't used a conditioner on the bettas water * i now have some *
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congrats on the new found fishytanks. :D

good luck with them!
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Congrats on the new tank!
Just a word of caution, if you plan on putting two D puffers in a 5gal, it may not work. My D puffers started in a 5gal, I had to move them into a 10 gal tank. One of the puffers was very nervous in the 5gal, always pacing up and down the glass.
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Congrats on the new tank. :)
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Thanks for the advice twistersmom. Ill see. If i need to i can temperarily set them up another tank or move a betta back to a bowl, and a dp to the other tank. I have heard mixed problems with them, but most sucess. so we will see how it goes and ill keep a close eye on them.

I maybe able to set up the 55 this summer. but not in my room.

How long should the 5gallon take to cycle?
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Lol i and now i am getting the 3 gallon as well! i get it next week, and the other two today... Lol! so i will have a DP tank, a snail tank *for DP's, unless i can find a filtered 1 gallon, which would be prefered*, a betta tank *i think i will put sushi in, really don't want to mess with surimi's progress, and a betta bowl i think i may be going slightly over board... hmmm now i kinda want to put one in my bathroom like the one member on here... we will see
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Hey, if you've gotr room in your bathroom, go for it! lol
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be weary, fish are very addictive. I have a 10g and a 1g snail tank. Saturday i am going to get another 10g. I am hooked on the fish.

Fish Tank Size: 29g Saltwater


"The Cleaning Crew"
Emerald Crab (1)
Coral Banded Shrimp (1)
Hermit Crab (6)
Turbo Snail (3)

"The Fish"
Blue Green Chromis (2)
Firefish (1)
Tomato Clown (1)

Water Parameters:

Phosphates: .75, pH: 8.3, NO2: 0, NO3: 5, Ammonia: 0, KH: 14, Calcium: 370
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Yes, they are VERY addictive! lol
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