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Sorry! Ran out of characters

Anyway, the shrimp should be fine, but it's always best to buy plenty extra in case of mortality or just a hungry Betta

Snails are actually pretty cool little dudes. Mystery Snails are gendered, so as long as you just have one, no babies! They have a bioload of about 1 per gallon, so with as many Bettas as you have, I would just add one.

You might want to research the ADF a bit more before you consider it. They and Bettas have been known to fight if each does not have its own teritory and one can end up dead. It's what I was told by other fishkeepers, so I don't personally have any experence with it.
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As far as algae eaters DONT get Plecos I love em but for a 10 Gallon.. no go.. lol get to big n poop A lot... Go with something like Otocinclus, and there is one that I have in my 10 G it has a wide body and looks almost like a Sting Ray... they do good as eel.. or an apple snail..

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Originally Posted by djembekah View Post
Bristlenose catfish are too big for ten gallons.
my bristlenose pleco only got to 4 inches. he's fully grown.

Hello! I'm a former fishkeeper and bettafish.com-er with a rekindled interest in the betta hobby. I don't have any bettas currently, but I'm brushing up on my fishkeeping knowledge with the intention of eventually bringing home another finned friend. ^_^
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I had five bettas, but one turned out to be a male (very nice spade tail) and almost killed one of them. Then I added another female betta who got swim bladder, couldnt swim up to eat, and died. A day after my b-day too :(
Ill prob add another female, then more plants and then maybe shirmp. Is anacharis a good plant for the shrimp to hide in?? Nice and bushy and with a couple clumps more ill prob lose my bettas :P

What should i look for when im getting more bettas? A big one? Small one? Middle-ish sized?? Same colour or something different? When I added Bubbles I knew she would be fine since I had had her for over a year, but the ones from the pet store are a gamble. Anyone done this before??

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Originally Posted by Saphira101 View Post
my bristlenose pleco only got to 4 inches. he's fully grown.
By too big, i meant too much of a bioload. ten gallon is too small for a bn pleco either way.

anacharis is a great plant. it seems to do pretty well in regular tropical tanks. however it isn't a big fan of the super high temps betta tanks are usually at. mine also seems to grow well in both high and low light.


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I keep my tank at 25C at they seem fine.

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