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Tank filters

Hi i just sold all my fish back to the fish store and am in the process of starting over. I have an aqueon quietflow 55/75, aqueon quietflow 30 and a fluval 405. On my last setup i used both the aqueon filters and i was wondering what would be better, using the two aqueons or using the single fluval. Also i was thing about selling the 30 and buying another 55/75 but i am not sure. Also the fluval was used for saltwater and didnt know if i would be able to use it in freshwater and has been sitting for a year. I have never used it but i had seen it working from the guy i bought it from. Also i would need tips on how to clean it or how to set it up and what kind of filters i would need to put in it.

The tank is 72 gallons btw

If you guys think the aqueons are better how much do you think the fluval 405 would be worth since i would be selling it? I know this is alot of questions sorry about that but thank you for any help
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I would sell the HOB's and use the fluval. Just my bias.

What happened to cause this change? Pretty drastic. Just my curiousity.

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I started out with 9 fish when i left and had my brother watch them for me and i came back and only 3 were alive. I also sold the pacu before he was too big for the tank since they get way to big for a 72g he was around 8 or 9 inches and since i had to get rid of him i thought that i should just start over. Also the tank, filters, and lids were completely filthy and needed more then just a wipe off. They needed a really hard scrubbing. This time around im thinking of only getting fish that dont get any bigger than ten inches so i can have them until they die. I just saw the albino pacu and Definitely wanted to have one even if it was for the time being.
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