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Surface dwelling fish

I need good ideas on what some nice looking top dwelling fish are. I just finished cycling a 55 gallon tank and it has three Bala Sharks and and big african dwarf frog. So any suggestions are helpful. Thanks
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Ditch the bala sharks unless you are getting a 100-150 gallon tank in the next 2 months. They will grow past 1 foot in length.

By large african dwarf frog, do you mean african clawed frog?

Common surface dwellers include labyrinth fish such as gouramis and betta species.
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Thanks for the help. Are you sure about the bala sharks? I was told that they'd grow no more than 10". I'm not sure about the frog I got it from a neighbor who couldnt take care of it.
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silver hatchet fish look nice they stay just under the surface all of the time

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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i agree about the sharks too, they'll grow too large for a 55G
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Bala/Silver sharks have been known to get to 16 inches, but this is VERY rare. Expect a foot.
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Yupp. While I was checking my facts for you I came across a story of someone who was looking for a 200g because her balas (who get very skittish in groups of 3 or less) would literally bolt and smack into the walls of the tank or even jump up and hit the lid when she approached the tank!
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O wow I guess I'll have to change something then.
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if u are to get a bigger tank u could get some needle fish. im not really sure about them or really anything but they are skinny and cool and live most their lives on the surface

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African Butterfly Fish?

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