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Ok so my 10 gallon tank is doing great but I'm thinking I want to get a 20 gallon tank. And guess what this new fish store close by have a 20 gallon tank going for $20 and a 30 gallon for..... YES you guessed it $30. So I was thinking get the bigger tank for the adults and leave the babies in the 10 gallon.

ok so here's where we get to the sump part. Is there a small sump that I can use to cycle the water from 2 tanks without having to have 2 filters?

I have a 20 gallon tank with Guppies, swordtails, platys, a snail, Otos, Corys, and an Birchir.
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get both the 20 and the 30 and set it up like this. have an overflow in the 20 wich goes to the 10 wich is purely a sump/ fuge. the loop the 10 to the 30 and finally the 30 to the 20. this will allow u to cycle all at once and u can have a nice looking display with parents then put the fry in the 20. in the 10 u could put some plants since u wont have to have as much light and u can it completely overgrown and not hav to worry. run a 7 inch sand bed as a denitrifier and a whole bunch of crypts. u could put some snails, shrimp and maybe some cheap cory cats as a cuc in the sump. in the main tanks u can do wat u want ... il post a drawing later, i cant cuz im at school

just because the guy with 4000 post ses its so... doesnt mean it is
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