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How about bolivian rams?
I second this, Bolivian rams are easier to care for, and while they don't have the bright colors of the GBR, they are quite attractive.
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I have very soft water in my area 40ppm, so in general I like to choose fish that like soft, acidic water and I have bags of peat in the filter in all 5 of my tanks my neons are so happy that they spawn every couple of weeks, which I hear can be quite difficult. I am also currently in the process of setting up a NPT backwater tank, which will look very similar to the photos.

I always hear about people having problems with neons and I never have, they have had whitespot once because I got some boraras from a shop that doesn't treat their sick fish and just sells them on.. I don't shop there anymore though.

I'm thinking either Bolivian ram or apistogramma trifasciata. Possible dwarf gourami.

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dwarf gourami is a good choice. I sorta agree about the neon's but not really. I have gotten a lot of neon's in my time and I have to say they have problems, maybe it is the mass breeding of them and most usually have ick, or stunted growth, or a curved spine, and they seem to get cotton mouth pretty easy. Neon tetras need acidic water to live a happy life, most other fish do not need that kind of water so the neon's usually only life a couple of year opposed to a full life. Sometimes you might get lucky and find some that are healthy. If you are going to keep the neon's you need to stock with fish that need the same environment that they live in. I'll post a pic showing what kind of water neon's need to survive a full life. The type of water that you need for a neon is Tannin water. The pics show what you will want it to look like.

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Ended up with a slightly different shaped tank and now have one that is 60 x 12 x 12. So very long and skinny but thinking of keeping the stocking list simila to before.
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If I were to get rid of the neon tetra, what is a good schooling fish that will go well with kuhli loaches, .BN pleco and Blue Ram?

I much prefer the blue rams to the Bolivian. Also what's the best temperature for rams? I usually keep the main tank at 78f

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In my experience, Rams will be ok at 78, although that is a bit cool for them. I think your other stock won't mind a few extra degrees, but it will mean a lot to the rams. I would consider raising the temp to about 80.

As for tetras, cardinals are very often paired with blue rams. And since you seem to enjoy your neons these might be a good bet for you. Rummy nose tetras are the other common recommendation. I believe these two are selected because they are the most popular tetras to have similar temperature requirements as the rams. There are other tetras that will do well in warmer water but I don't know them off the top of my head, dig around and you might find something you really like. Personally, I would pick the rummies both because I enjoy their coloration and because they have a reputation for being very tight schoolers.
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