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Suggestions for 5 Gallon

This is a discussion on Suggestions for 5 Gallon within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Depending on how many sparkling gouramis you get, a 10g would be sufficient....

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Suggestions for 5 Gallon
Old 04-29-2008, 07:43 PM   #11
Depending on how many sparkling gouramis you get, a 10g would be sufficient.
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Old 04-30-2008, 07:26 PM   #12
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I'd say no to the gourami, just from my experience with them. They are somewhat nippy and territorial, but it can work in a community tank. However, they are also labyrinth fish, and the fact that they occupy the same area as the betta is what makes me think it wouldn't work. Plus, if you want to add something to the tank, why add more top dwellers? It would be much nicer to balance it out. Personally, I like the idea of pygmy cories.
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Old 04-30-2008, 09:28 PM   #13
Pygmy cories would be a nice idea, except that the tank is a Marineland Hex. So there's not much bottom surface. I think they would be a bit cramped. I think I'll probably going to go with dwarf livebearers.
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