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post #11 of 32 Old 01-30-2008, 06:57 PM
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i would think about either corys or kuhli loaches. :D and i would get some rainbow fish or gouramis for the middle layer. just to even it out. plus i think a few larger fish would be nice. but if you are still getting the barbs AND tetras then skip the rainbowfish and gouramis. personally i would get the ABF, kuhli loaches, tetras, and rainbow fish. i think that would be a nice combo. if you arent into snake-like fish then replace the kuhlis with some corys.
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If you're interested in rainbows be careful...alot of rainbows will not work in a 29. Praecox or Threadfins could work. But Boesemani, Red Irian, Australian I wouldn't put in anything smaller than a 55. My Boesemani are very active swimmers and use every inch of my 4 ft tank!

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in replace of the rainbows you could use gouramis or clown rasboras.
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No, I'm not very interested in rainbowfish. How does this sound:

2 African Buttlerfly Fish
4 Cherry Barbs
2 Dwarf Gouramis
a few corys, not sure what kind
a few freshwater clams
some shrimp or a blue lobster
and what are kuhli loaches? snake-like fish is always a good adjective in my eyes, and definitely catches my interest.
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ok, I just looked up some pics of kuhli loaches, and I love them! How many could I include in this tank and what are some care requirements?
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I would worry a lot about keeping the ABF with Dwarf Gourami. The ABF's will prey on pretty much all other surface dwelling fish. As for invertebrates, I'd avoid the Blue Lobster, as he'll beat on the other bottom dwellers, but you should be just fine with shrimp, and there are some really colourful ones if that's what you're looking for.

Kuhli's are awesome. They aren't very tricky fish. A soft substrate and as big a group as you can fit is mostly what they need to survive. Also, sinking pellets, as they definitely won't survive off of algae. They like lots of plants and caves to hide in. I'd drop the corys, as it will be crowding your bottom level to keep two different creatures that live best in groups. I'd say you can get away with 4-6 loaches (especially if you drop the gourami). You could also probably put a cool pleco in that doesn't grow very large.
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i didnt know ABF were so agressive. but i think it would be a really good idea to add kuhli loaches. they are so cool arent they? here is some more info on them,...%20Loaches.htm
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Hehe, Kuhlis are awesome, and I love them. However, the more you keep, the less shy, and more interesting they will be, so keep as many a possible!

We are talking about the African Butterfly Fish, right? Pantodon buchholzi?

Here's a good article on them:
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Yes, the African Butterflyfish is the fish I'm talking about. I fell in love with them when I saw the in Aquarium Fish Magazine. Ok, does this sound like a good lineup?

6 kuhli loaches (I love them!)
Bushy Nose Pleco
4-6 Cherry Barbs
A few shrimp

Are there any other middle-layer fish I could include?
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maybe you could get some.... rainbowfish, platies, killifish(dont know how they will do with the butterflys), penguinfish, hatchet fish, rummynoses, black neons, clown or harlequin rasboras, white clouds and maybe a small shark of some type. (i dont know much about the ABF so let me know if any of these fish will be a problem with them).
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