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I set up a 29 gallon tank a fewdays ago, and I'm trying to plan it out. It is going to be a planted tank with a few pieces of driftwood. I need some help deciding on fish to put in it. I'm planning on a few african butterfly fish, some tetras, and maybe some gouramis. Any ideas/suggestions?
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personally id get 2 angels, some kind of larger tetra, corys or otos and a pleco..

Also as a side not i dont believe you can put a few abf into a 29 gallon...they are kind of territorial with their own i believe...have someone crosscheck this please.
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There was an article about them in Aquarium fish magazine that said they take kindly to their own kind, that's where I was coming from.
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ahhh i see..well then take the magazines advice not mine :P
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Lol, if you insist!
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Gouramies are cool to see. I wouldn't go with angels since a 29g is on the small since for them. I have a 55g and did a lot of research on angels. My end result was even the 55 is too small for them to be really happy or to have more than 2-3.[/list]

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Ok, I think I've decided: 2 african butterflyfish, a few tetras, couple barbs, and some corys. Any invertebrates I could include?
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what kind of barbs? Unless they are cherry barbs then they will likely become very nippy if you keep only a couple. Barbs are nippy by nature but less so in groups of 6 or more, as this is the amount of fish they need to be happiest.
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I'd worry about barbs nipping at the ABF, and them responding by eating the barbs. I've heard that ABF are fine with bottom dwellers, as they really don't leave the top of the tank, so you shouldn't have any trouble adding a few cool shrimp. Plus, good cleanup crew!

What sort of substrate are you thinking? What do you plan on feeding the ABF? Cooooool :D
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I'll be feeding him freeze-dried blood worms and such. After your suggestion, I will most likely be doing cherry barbs, or a large group of tiger barbs, I'm not sure. And The substrate is Eco-Complete planted tank substrate, and I've got a feww bulbs in it already. Also, I will most likely add a few shrimp, maybe a cobalt blue lobster, I'm not sure, plus sme freshwater clams.
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