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Originally Posted by herefishy
Celestial pearl danios. A bunch of them.
Way Too Small for danios. Danios need at least 24", preferably 30" or 36" of swimming space. They're really active.

(Actually, Danio choprae stays small enough that I might consider them in a standard 10 gallon, but not in a 10 high hex. That tank was basically built for a betta.)

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yeah, my friend has a tank like this, and i know what happens when the fish do not get enough room, they will actually sit on a 80 degree angle facing the bottom of the tank,

As for oxygen levels, I do have a biowheel filter in it, plus the water level sits a bit lower to help airate the tank, and way back when i have kept 6 fish in it before, but i would still be concerned.
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The waterfall filter with a bit of a drop will help, but Oxygen absorbtion is a function of surface area, so agitation will only go so far.

You seem to be pretty much on top of all of this at this point. I'd say your choices were Male Betta and Mystery Snail and/or 1 African Dwarf Frog OR small school of microrasboras or very small tetras and some ottos OR a pair of sparkling gouramis (or licorice, but those positively require live food) OR 1 male and possibly 1 female dwarf puffer OR 2 Dwarf frogs and 2 Mystery snails.

There may be other choices, but they'll be unusual. There's a site -- -- devoted to fish for small aquaria. This is the English translation site of a German site, so I recommend cutting and pasting the scientific names into google to find fuller descriptions.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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alright thanks tophat and thanks everyone else for the help :)
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The reason lowering the water level works to help airate a tank is easy to explain I hope.

When a tank's water has not ripples, waves or commotion the surface area is pretty close to exactly what you get when you measure it. For example: Length 20 inches, width 10 inches, surface area is 200 inches.

Now take the same tank and add waves and a waterfall and you can possible quadruple the surface area to 800 inches or possible 10x the area for 2000 inches which increases the rate of exchange for oxygen and CO2.

I hope that made sense. This is why I have been able to turns off all my air pumps even in warmer temps because I always have some surface disturbances to help exchange oxygen.
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ember tetra
these guys got the ember tetras
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