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Originally Posted by henningc View Post
Don't mean to be rude, but you all are too funny. Ditch that stuff and do it the right way. Kind of doubt God was out there with a bottle of Stress Coat or Prime! I only have a few years experience ove the 30 year mark and have never used that stuff. Geeeeeeeeee!

Sorry just in a mood and the new guys waste a lot of money on things nobody needs.
Was God out there trying to remove chlorine and chloramine from water? Man put those both there in the concentrations that they appear in tap water, so Man can take it out and not have to worry about theology.

Times change. More muncipalities are using chloramine and that won't break down readily on its on. Even in high oxygen and sunlight some of it can last a week. Is chloramine deadly to fish in low concentrations? No, it can actually be used in fish hatcheries to help prevent bacterial gill diseases. Is chloramine deadly to the bacteria being used in an enclosed system like an aquarium to accomplish the nitrogen cycle? That is its purpose in drinking water.

Long story short...if people wish to add water conditioner that you don't feel you need because you have chlorine that will outgas itself or are just oldschool, who are you to laugh at them?
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Dechlorination is a totally different issue here. Plenty of great products out there that take care of chlorin or chloromine without the extra stuff. I used to use dechlorinator, but I have a well now so no worries. All the tanks at my office, i.e. the entire building, are on water that I know has chlorimine in it and bam the dechlorinator works just fine. My point is dechlorination is great but the rest of the additives are unnescessary at best.

You are correct, God did not put those chemicals in the water we did. We know how to save our fish and hopefully we will be bright enough to save ourselves. Jury is still out on that one.
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I agree with most of the others, Prime is a great product to use in tricky situations! I'm glad that it seems to be doing the trick for you so far, Clayton!

To those who wish to get into the theology behind fishkeeping, please continue this discussion over in our Advanced Freshwater Discussion area. At least I *think* that's where it belongs! >.<

Thanks to everyone who has chimed in with your thoughts!
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