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I'm all against dyed fish and all. Yet I can't understand why you bash the glo-fish. The zebra daino that has an added jellyfish gene causing it to be very colorful. Comes in a couple different colors. The gene is added to the fishes egg. There is no cruelty in this, the fish grows, lives and behaves no different than any other zebra danio. The trait is also genetic so offspring will carry it too. This is the fish that can stop the dyeing process. No matter how long people keep fish, there will always be informed or uninformed people who want hardy colorful fish. The glo-fish is a way to take to cruelty out of coloring fish. If they do the same thing with other species, dyed fish could be replaced by GM fish(genetically modified). They would be no more cruel than the natural strain. Sure most aquarists will not like them. But at least it no longer has to do with cruelty and is more up to personal tastes.

Hybrid/mutated fish again is really up to personal taste. I don't see why there is a need to decry them. Yes, the blood parrot is a hybrid, the flowerhorn is a hybrid, and in reality a lot of the fancy livebearers you see are also hybrids. There are many more besides those. Balloon mollies, balloon rams, all common livebearers, and most bettas are mutant strains along with many others. Personally I don't see any issues with hybrid/mutant fish themselves. Before you decry these fish, know they are no different than any dog breed, Great Dane, chiwawa, Golden retriever, dachshund ect. or any other" breed" of a species. All are base on mutations in the process of artificial selection. If you are going to disapprove of mutated fish, should it not be the same w/ any mutated animal? Fancy goldfish developed through mutations. Should they not be on the list too? balloon mollies and balloon rams IMO are no different than fancy goldfish. Some people like them, some don't. What it comes down to is that you guys are only targeting the new strains of mutated fish, a dalmatian balloon molly is only a little more mutated than a regular dalmatian molly. Both though are mutated fish from the natural strain. Some cat breeders decry the munchkin cat as a mutant not a breed, but is it really any more mutated than any of the current breeds?

Hybrid fish are a little harder. I see nothing wrong with undyed blood parrots. I don't like how they look, but I'm not against them being sold or kept. I find flowerhorns very pretty fish though. Then you have all the hybrid livebearers that don't look like hybrids, but they are. The mickey mouse swordtail for example. The mickey mouse pattern was originally created on platies. Mickey mouse swordtails may not be F1 hybrids, but they are still hybrids. Hybrids are dangerous though, not the fish itself but those who breed and sell it. For some fish like the blood parrot this is not a problem, but for other fish like rainbows it is a problem. Rainbows can hybridize easily, and in truth a # of rainbow fish in store are hybrids. Again there is no issue w/ the fish here. The issue is that some hybrids are not sold has hybrids, but as a pure species. This is the danger of hybrids. Someone buys the fish thinking they are pure, breeds them as a pure strain and sells/distributes them as such. This results in a contamination of the real pure strain. A more common example is the difference between guppies, endlers, and guppyXendler. If you have a hybrid fish it should be sold as a hybrid fish.

The only time I feel the need to decry a mutation or hybridization is if I think it causes suffering to the animal. The line for this is very blurry though. Dog breeds suffer genetic diseases, and such. Great Danes have very short life expectancy's compared to other dogs. Some parrot fish can't close their mouths. Ect. I personally don't like most mutated and hybrid fish, however I look at there mutation or hybridization and look for any negative effects it has on that fish's life and if the effect can be reduced through proper care and keeping of the fish. If I don't see anything morally wrong w/ the fish then I'm OK with it. Again I may not like its appearance and may never keep it, but I'm not against those who do want to keep it.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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