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stocking suggestions please

both my tanks are stocked and i want to start one more (any more tanks than that and my husband will kill me!). I have had a couple ideas kicking around for a while, and I wanted some input. What i really want is something that schools nicely, so I can keep a species specific tank, probably 55 gallons. My ideas thus far,

yo yo loaches (I have two already and I simply love them, they have so much personality)


blood fin tetras

or possible some live bearing fish...which i don't have any yet...maybe mollies?? (not sure if mollies school or not?!) or guppies?

I am pretty sure that i am going to be swayed the loach route, cause they are so cool, and I think the two I have would love company.

I am open to suggestions. right now I have yoyos loaches, all colors of tiger barbs, zebra danios, harlequinn rasboras, and cherry barbs (not all in the same tanks, don't worry.)

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How about the loaches with 10 each of Neon, Cardinal and Glo Lite Teatras? They should not only school in their own groups but the interaction should be something to watch. The only drawback could be some aggression issues with the loaches and the tetras or between the tetras. Maybe even groups of 20 of each would work in a 55.
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Add 3 more yoyo loaches is my suggestion. 3 is the minimum recommended but 5 is better. Loaches will really be happier if kept with a lot of company.

I don't think mollies school. Guppies are rather prone to have their fins nipped and the loaches may just do that with their inquisitiveness.

I'd suggest tetras like Chris said. 20 each group would make a stunning display. Keep 2-3 species of tetras. As for surface, you may want hatchetfish or penguin tetras but do keep the tank covered. Surface dwellers are often excellent jumpers.

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just my two pennies worth...........
i've got four yoyos,and they are nutters.
the neons i call everywhere fish at the moment,
as the only time they are together is if they are threatened.
serpae and black widow tetrs seem to stsy together well,
meaning their own group,more tight knit.
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Originally Posted by Lupin
I'd suggest tetras like Chris said. 20 each group would make a stunning display. Keep 2-3 species of tetras. As for surface, you may want hatchetfish or penguin tetras but do keep the tank covered. Surface dwellers are often excellent jumpers.
Penguin tetras would likely cause some issues, particularly with feeding due to their speed. I have that problem with my blue mirror tetras and flame tetras which causes me to have to overfeed for my cardinals and glowlights to get food. Plus my penguin tetras forced me to move my betta to another tank for this exact reason.
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You should, if space allows, keep your yoyos where they are and add three more.

Some ideas for a 55 or 75 (if you have the room, go with the 75. So much easier to aquascape).

1) Brackish Tank. Pair of violet gobies. A dozen bumblebee gobies. 3 male and 12 female sailfin mollies. If you can get the wild variety, they look so much better than anything in the fish store. Get the salinity around 1.008 with marine salt. Argonite sand (has to be sand). Google "brackish aquarium plants" for more ideas for planting, but your could do well to start with Vals along the back and sides, Pygmy Chain Sword in the foreground (to the sides), and java fern on at least three fair sided limestone rock caves (maybe with lengths for 3 to 5" diameter PVC pipe concealed beneath for support.) Also, make sure you get some honeycomb rock for the bumblebees to fiddle with, and put a couple of powerheads to keep the water stirred up so that the frozen food you'll need to feed the bumblebees will stir around.

2) Set up a low flow river manifold. Basically stick a spraybar through a filter sponge at one end of the tank, and run the tube under the gravel to a powerhead on the other side of the tank through a second spraybar. Then build the tank around a school of a dozen glass catfish. Maybe another dozen or two espi rasboras, and some of the more peaceful loaches, say 7 or so striped loaches or a dozen kuhlis.

2a) Same set up, but use 2 or 3 powerheads and an equal number of sponge filters at the far end of the tank. Stock with Giant Danios, Pearl Danios, Hillstream loaches, and Checkerboard Sand Loaches.

3) One I am seriously considering: 7 (in a 55, 13 in a 75) skunk loaches, and a big enough school of tiger barbs to defend against their depredations, say 15 or 30.

4) Rainbowfish. Set up a nice planted tank with a big school of boesmani or praecox or red irian or celebes or madagascar rainbowsfish. Plant the bejeezus out of it.

5) A pair, trio, or 5 moonlight gouramis, threadfin rainbows, albino cories, and albino bristlenose plecos. Call it Snow and Feathers.

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