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Stocking question

Ok, so i have my 38 gallon euro front freshwater tank that im sure you have all seen like 100 times in the pictures. I see it atleast every other time i click a link.

ANYWAYS. I currently have:
6 tiger barbs
3 cherry barbs
3 green barbs
Rainbow shark
common plec

I was going to add 3 more green barbs but i was thinking about getting some gourami's. Think im well stocked or do you think i could add a couple? Think it would conflict with whats already in the tank?

Can see what my tank looks like in my pictures
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think mixing gouramis with tiger barbs is a good idea. Gouramis are shy slow moving fish and tigers are zippy & nippy. You have a larger school of barbs so they may just chase amongst themselves and leave the gouramis alone. Not sure I'd do it...anyone else??

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Yea, I feel the same way, although I've never kept tiger barbs. I would just increase your tiger/green barbs and leave it at that. The shark will get fairly large (about 5-6") and really fill out your tank. The pleco will eventually need a bigger tank.

By the way, your tank looks nice.

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i've kept both together,and i have no problem,however that was me,and
perhaps i was lucky.
i would say to got as the others have said amd increase the amount of barbs,
they are pretty awsome in large numbers.
a well planted tank will suit both the tigers and the gourami.
there are a few different kinds of gourami,and some would Not fair well with barbs,
i had gold gouramis with mine,and they took care of themselves.
i'd also like to hear other peoples opinions. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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My gourami is no loger with me, but I did have him in a 60gal tank with 9 tiger barbs. The barbs were always busy with each other, never once saw them pick on the gourami.

You say you have 3 green barbs. That would make 9 tiger barbs all together, right?
If you dont see the tiger barbs picking on the other fish now, I would say it would be safe to add one gourami.
Keep in mind your plec could get large and may need to moved into a bigger tank.

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yeah, i know the plec will get huge. I need to figure out what im eventually going to do with him. Im not sure.

Yeah, makes 9 aggressive barbs all together. The green ones are still relatively small and still kinda play but the tiger barbs are about max size and never really pick.

If i get more tiger/green barbs, how many should i be looking at?
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Are you tiger barbs realy still aggressive? Mine did fine in their group of 9, left everyone alone. I guess if they are still causing problems, it would not hurt to add 3 more. If you want a color variety you could add 3 golden tiger barbs. I have all three color variations and they all school together.
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they only pick on each other, and its only the green ones like once a week i see them.

They dont really fight at all.
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think it would be possible to get some dwarf cichlids?
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im wrong about the tank size. Its a 46 gallon, not a 38.
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