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Stocking for my 55g

So far I have

1 Julli Cory
2 Aggazzi Cories
6 Swartzii Cories
1 Para Pleco that will max out at 5 inches
6 Rosy Barbs

I'd like in addition to that
pair of Blue Rams
pair of apistos
killifish-not sure how many since I have not done enough research yet
I also like Danios

I know that the cichlids need other fish, top 1/3 of the tank, so they do more than just hide but not 100% of the time. Thought? Advise? Suggestions?

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The apistogrammas and the rams may not mix. Both inhabit the same level in a tank and both are cichlids. You may have a problem there, even if you provide a monster amount of cover. This may really accelerate into full blown cichlid behavior at breeding time. If it does, someone will get hurt or even killed.

Make sure to choose your killiefish carefully. Some can get rather large and some will eat little fishes. So, pick you killie and your dither fish with this in mind.
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