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This is a discussion on stocking list within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by jaysee There is a high likelyhood that the danios will stress out the pearls, especially if you don't provide adequate cover ...

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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
There is a high likelyhood that the danios will stress out the pearls, especially if you don't provide adequate cover for the pearls. They need a background to feel secure, a densely planted (real or fake) area, and they need some floating cover. I have a Fancy Plant 36" bamboo in mine. It provides them with something to hide in/under, as well as a protected surface area.
I have lots of fake plant coverage, along with some growing live plant coverage.

Batman: All I have in the tank right now is 7 Glofish, I figured I'd add 3 more Glofish this weekend, then in a week or so I'd add some Shrimp, then the Gouramis. Would a mix of 1 Gourami and 1 Cichlid be a better choice?
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I think so. But be sure to do some research on whatever cichlid species you choose (and feel free to post about it on here, too) because cichlids come in a huge variety of sizes and temperaments. You certainly wouldn't want to get a convict or something and have it terrorize your tank!

I forgot to mention: make sure the shrimp you get are pretty big ones, too, as any of the larger fish mentioned in this thread so far (gouramis, cichlids, etc) might snack on small ones. More aggressive fish might even pick on larger ones and kill them even if they can't eat them outright. You might want to experiment with some more wallet-friendly ghost shrimp before trying the more expensive Amanos.
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