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Stocking ?? - How many tetras?

I'm going to be changing up my 28 gallon soon - platys out, angel and tetras in. I would like a school of cardinal tetras. I know that the angel could eat the cards, but I'm going to buy the angel small, and I'll just have to be ready to trade him out if he ever starts munching on my tetras. I've seen tanks that have kept angels and cardinals successfully, so I want to give it a try.

The tanks is 28 gallons, will be moderatly-heavily planted, and over-filtered. How many cards could I keep with the angel? I'll also have amano shrimp. If I can't find another tank for the two platys, they will stay also.
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Unless it's a hex or some other tall aquarium, I think 28 gallons might be too small for an angel.
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It's a bowfront, taller than a standard aquarium.
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If it's taller than it's also got to be narrower so it's really still not enough room. Why borrow trouble when you don't really have to?

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The tank is 24" long, 19" deep. I am going to add an angel; that's kind of not up for debate anymore. I do understand that everyone has mixed oppinoins on it, but it's what I've decided. I'll have to trade it out eventually to keep it from eating the cardinals anyway, so it won't ever be full grown in that tank.

So anyway, how many tetras?
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Beware, angels will also nip at some plants, especially soft, tender leaved ones.
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