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Stocking 45 gallon, Guppies main attraction, Wanna help? =]

This is a discussion on Stocking 45 gallon, Guppies main attraction, Wanna help? =] within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I wish i could order stuff online!! I should be getting a pay pal soon...My friend is willing to set it up for me, ...

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Stocking 45 gallon, Guppies main attraction, Wanna help? =]
Old 06-28-2012, 01:22 AM   #11
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I wish i could order stuff online!!
I should be getting a pay pal soon...My friend is willing to set it up for me, and use her money and ill pay her cash...she just lives 40 minutes away, and i dont have a car and neither does she. >.<
I should be having a camp out with her this weekend, so hopefully...ill be ordering away!
If i spend any more money on tests, my boyfriends gonna kill me! He thinks Im nuts spending $35 on the api master test kit...o.O

Is it bad i get a thrill when thinking about ALL THE FISH i could possibly have in my tank?

And Damn, I forgot the minnows!
I am so bad at keeping track of my stocking lists!

The list is actually,
10-12 guppies
3-4 mollies
6-7 Rosy Red Minnows
1 bn pleco
1 rn pleco
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Old 06-28-2012, 07:06 AM   #12
Varkolak's Avatar
1m per 2f on the honey gourami, I do fine with 2 males 3 females though in a slightly larger tank so as long as you keep under 2 males and more female then male you should be fine - but with your tank I'd bet you will want 1 m and 2 females and if your choosing them because of mine remember mine are golden honey xD huge difference in looks. I found some normal honey gourami at a pet shop and couldn't believe how much cleaner the colors are on goldens but its all personal preference
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Old 06-28-2012, 10:11 PM   #13
LyzzaRyzz's Avatar
What if I did just a pair? Would that work? So the different species are honey and golden honey? Is there a difference in behavior or just color?

Are there any other giuramis that may work? In case I can't get ahold of honey/dwarf..

My LPS had dwarf giuramis...they look pretty healthy. I know that those are the ones that most likely be sick, but they are just so pretty! I know, I shouldn't be swayed, but it's still a ways away from buying time.

I think that would be all if want in the tank..
2-3 honey gourami/dwarf gourami
10-14 guppies
6-7 Rosy Reds
3-4 Mollies
1 BN pleco

The RN pleco I'm still unsure about.

Would it even be worth looking in petsmart for dwarf/honey gourami? Since they are often sick, would petsmart just add to the sick factor?
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Old 06-28-2012, 10:18 PM   #14
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Oh whoops! I totally forgot the water harness issue. I went to go see the giuramis again today, so I uses I just got caught up!

Ugh! I thought I had a perfect stocking! Now I need another species...
Is there a bigger non fish eating fish that likes harder water?
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Old 06-28-2012, 11:19 PM   #15
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I don't think petsmart will normally carry honey gourami, I had a local one a few years ago that I trusted for fish but I don't know if you would trust yours - alot of the tank maintenance revolves around the local owners and if they quarantine or not.

You "might" be able to keep just a pair but 3 is optimal, if there are any females the male will want to breed and with only a single he will harass her non stop. My tanks aggression is gender split, the 3 females chase each other to create a loose pecking order while the males compete over prime bubble nesting areas. Once they both had their nests to guard the males keep in their spots and refuse to let females or other fish near them or the eggs.

I myself would really like to know for sure about the honey/golden honey myself but I'm pretty sure they share a scientific name. The females of golds have a lateral brown line that passes their eyes and are golden yellow, the male honeys have red fins and gold yellow bodies and while breeding get a black mask and throat. Female normal are a dull brown/tank with the same lateral line. Males of normal honeys are a dark red and will gain a brown/black throat and mask while breeding. I myself have noticed that golden honey gourami are smaller then the honey gourami I found, the females are barely 1.5inch and the males are smaller then that. The normal honeys I saw were almost the size of normal dwarf gouramis only thinner in width

Be warned that there are dwarf gourami that will be sold as honey gourami and will run the same 20-25% odds of being infected with DGI while Honeys are much less vulnerable to it (some would say immune) The easiest way to be sure you are getting honey gourami is to look for the lateral line on the females that can from all the way to their tail from their eye, sometimes it will be faded or not a complete line but its noticable.
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Old 06-29-2012, 03:38 AM   #16
LyzzaRyzz's Avatar
How do i know about the male though? Id hate to get two honeys and get the male be a dwarf! be crushed! Especially since their going to be my last addition!

What are the symptoms of the disease? Whats it called again? Id like to research it...
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