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Stocking 20g Community Tank

I have a 20g fully cycled tank. It currently has the 5 skirt tetras, 8 neon tetras, and dwarf gourami. I'd like to get some feedback on what everybody thinks on getting the other fish shown in my aqadvisor image. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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I would rehome the white skirts, they get quite big and can be pretty nippy. Increase the neons to around 15, the cories are good. Maybe a pair of gbrs?
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I wouldn't add another ram. You are pushing it with a DG and a dwarf cichlid in a small tank as is. Breeding won't help. White skirts aren't nippy when kept in proper schools without longer-finned tankmates to nip (IE angels, bettas, paradise fish) but they do get a bit large for that size tank. How about getting 8 ember or rummynose tetras or harlequin rasbora instead of the skirt tetras? You should also increase the cories to around 8.
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Rummies are awesome. Best schooling fish no doubt about that. But they love swimming long distances, and I dont thing they would love your tank. Definitely increase the cories, and the neons. I would personally do
15 neons
1 dwarf gourami
7 panda cories
Skip on the ram, and probably add a couple otos.
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A 20 would be fine for rummynoses but I wouldn't go any smaller.
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I guess you could do it, and they would be fine. But i have some in my 29 and they never stop moving. So IMO they would like to be in a longer tank. But, ya definitely not smaller.
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