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stock 29 gallon tank

I am looking for some advice in regards to stocking my 29 gallon tank. I am somewhat familiar with small aquariums but am a first time guppy owner. i am curious as to how many guppies i should keep in this tank after my pregnant females drop. currently i have as follows:

1-common pleco
2-redeye tetras
2-neon tetras (may get more)
6-assorted guppies (3 male, 3 female)most are gunmetal colors

I know my guppy ratio is out of balance for such a small quantity. i am not interested in major breeding setups but would like to stock mostly guppies (i have 2 pregnant guppies in a 10gallon birthing tank separated by a partition anxiously awaiting birth)

any advice on this situation would be greatly apretiated, especial in regards to the proper number of guppies to add to my tank.

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you should have more females than males. i wouldnt get any more until the ones that are already pregnant give birth. you have to have room in your tank to raise them.
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thanks for the info. I don't plan on buying any more fish. i am just curious as to how many of the fry i should keep without overstocking my tank.

also on a separate note; a ot of breeding sites say to keep males and females separate to avoid unwanted breeding but would this cause the males to fight? (i'm deffinately not getting into large scale breeding)
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the males shouldnt fight. i have 2-3 males with 1 female (i know the numbers are off but i have some babies i plan on keeping) and the males dont even fight eachother for the female. it would be a good idea to keep them seperated not only to avoid unwanted breeding but the males will constantly bug the females and they need a break sometimes.

as for how many to have a decent amount of room so.....i would keep 2-3 of the babies. (all females). this will help to keep the males from harrassing one or two females to death.

do you raise the young in a seperate tank?
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You've got to find a new home for the pleco, if it's common. Something around the 75 gallon range. As of now your tank should be considered overstocked until you get rid of it.

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how big do the common plecs get?
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The Pleco gets BIG not sure of the size. He is going into a friends tank when he outgrows mine.
Yes, i have a separate 10gallon tank for breeding and raising fry, although i am only going to use this method as long as space in both my tank and those of friends and family allow. i have homes for quite a few fry at the moment. after that i will leave fry in the main tank as a form of population control.
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I would be inclined to get a few more females rather than waiting for the fry to be old enough to sex and then keeping a few of those females. That way you lessen the chances of inbreeding.
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Originally Posted by crazy4fish
how big do the common plecs get?
12 inches and over.

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The first result for "pleco" in google images:
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