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spots on my pleco

i have 3 inch clown pleco, since ive put the high fin in with him he has been coming out and not being so shy, but ive also noticed that he has spots on him that look like they could be ich, but none of my other fish have any sympoms and the only fish that i added was the high fin about a week ago and he had no signs of ick nor did his tank mates. i did add some angles yesterday but again they are healthy and so were the tank mates. should i treat the tank as if it has ick? or should i leave it
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Do you have pictures? Ich is very distinct; it looks like there are little grains of salt sprinkled on your fish. If any of your fish have this, I would treat the entire tank for ich. Beware that plecos are sensitive to ich medications, so you might want to treat using the raised temperature/salt method rather than with medication.

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i will try for a pic he's very shy. i just find it weird that he is the only one that has the spots, i would have thought that they all would be showing some signs, but there is no scratching, pinching of the tail fins and no spots. i have already increased the temp to 80 and rising how much salt would i put in its a 15 gal tank.
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