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Something is up with my livebearers

In the last few months a couple of my old female guppies past on, I though nothing of it thinking they were just old. A couple of days ago I noticed one of the female guppies in a weird position near the surface of the water, there was no difference in her breathing so I though she might just be sleeping. I stuck a finger in my tank and she darted off, but when I fed the fish that evening she didn't even try for the flakes. Alas the next morning I found the ol' girl lifeless at the top of the tank. New developments have made me really worried though. Now a couple of my platys are showing the same behavior. They sit near a corner at the top of the tank with their foreheads at the surface and their tails curved downwards. The tank is planted with added CO2. I do water changes every 3 weeks to every month. Here are my parameters:

pH: 7.0
Hardness: Notsure, doing a 1/3 tap with 2/3 bottled...yes I am using dechlorinator.
Ammonia: between 0 and 0.25

I do not have a test kit for nitrates and nitrites yet.

I did add a zebra and a pearl danio a few weeks ago, could the be stressing out my fish? They don't chase them but they are quick.
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These questions are so hard to answer because it could be a million different things. It is really important that you test pH, Nitrite, and Nitrate in addition to ammonia. Also, some pictures would really be helpful to get a feel for the environment.
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I would love to get pictures of them, but my camera SUCKS. It is impossible to take a picture, also when I move around my room the fish move from the postition.
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