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Snails and Loaches

So ive read a lot about them. apparently many species of loaches love to eat snails. Dojo/weather loaches in particular. however, what im curious is: how quickly will this work? i mean would i have to not feed my loaches for a while to make them want to actually use the snails as a food source or will they just simply say "oh im hungry. oh look a snack om nom nom munch sucky lump slirp yum!"

also i have a little five gallon tank with 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 snails
yep one sextillion snails [yes thats a real number]
not really that many but yeah a lot of snails
i was curious if i put one loach in their just temporarily to get rid of some of the snails would he/she go right into it within the next 24 hours and start eating them or should i just use the lettuce method of reducing the snail pop?

any comments would be appreciated :)
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Actually, Another member here, Fishinpole,, suggested a quicker method. Just get a section of hose approx 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter. Place the bait in the tank (lettuce or algae wafers) and let the snails climb aboard. Then use the section of hose like a gravel vaccum and suck the little buggers up. The end of the gravel vaccum I have, is too big around but by pulling the end off that I stick in the tank to gravel vac,, It creates much more suction and quickly sucks em right up. May take several times to rid the majority of them.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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I just vacuum snails out of the substrate whenever I do a water change lol. I don't think one loach will eradicate snails at any sort of speed, however my Batik loach just goes nuts whenever I drop one in the tank... he wiggles around and lunges at it and sort of tosses it around. I call him the snail snarfer. Definitely handy for a nutritious treat.
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my JD eats all my snails, at first i tried to put some in to keep the little bit of algea that was in there gone but i just gave up because no matter what i did they couldnt even reach the bottom.

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we dont have any here
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I would not suggest a loach in a 5g tank to eradicate snails. Loaches are social fish and should (=must) be kept in a group or they will be stressed and that means unhealthy. Some also grow large. There is no acceptable species of loach for a 5g tank because of the fore-going.

Snails appear if food is available. They won't live if they have no food. And removing them by the methods suggested by prior responses is preferable.


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yeah i guess lol
i was going to keep him in there forever just until it eats most of the nail pop >:D
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