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Sparkling gourami, and galaxy or kubotai rasbora. with clown plecos. sound good? in a heavly planted aquarium, my only concern is that the gourami won't adapt to the faster water currents and oxygen levels, sence there supposed to be used to still water and low oxygen. But the tank would be idealy set-up for them except for those two concerns.

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so long as the gouramis have a place where they can rest out of the currents, they'll be fine. the oxygen content won't affect them at all... pretty much all labyrinth fishes are accustomed to stagnant water, but are perfectly happy in water with a little movement.
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ahh... why thank you soco.

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It's just a comment, but I once had my new fish, tetras/Otos/Dwarf Gourami, in a 16g bin made up of the larger sized gravel you have lying on top of your other substrate. I have to tell you - I think you're not going to enjoy the outcome. It does a terrific job of trapping food, so the fish can't peck at it, and letting it fungus/deteriorate, and it's very tough to clean fully. I kept having .25ppm and higher levels of ammonia coming from supposedly nowhere - even though this 16g bin had nothing but an immature dwarf, 3 immature neons, and 2 near-fry Otos. That's hardly a bioload, for 16g.

If you like the look, you might leave an area where it's collected together, where you can siphon extra attention, but across the whole tank, it may be a cleaning problem, and an ammonia/nitrate factory.

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it might have just been a comment, but i'v been thing about it myslef. it wouldent be hard to remove the larger gravel and there would still be plenty of gravel left. Or icould mix it in with the other gravel but to do that i would have to strip the inside of the tank... so i was thinking of just taking the larger gravel out.

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